Photoluminescent Signs Enforce Your Practiced Egress Plan

The International Code Council, or ICC determines building safety signing. They specify the types of photoluminescent identifiers needed for varying structure dimensions. Two separate sets of codes regulate buildings concerning general and fire safety. Signs are meant to provide essential information to occupants seeking an emergency exit. They also help occupants and responders find essential fire equipment within the structure.

The International building Code (IBC) applies to the construction or design of a structure. It has been adopted by most states or adapted to meet local requirements. This set of codes determines how many exits are necessary and where they should be located. It also has specific guidelines regarding access for people who are disabled. The International Fire Code (IFC) is centered on fire prevention in existing structures to ensure occupant safety. Both require photoluminescent signs, markings, and other measures to be in place throughout your building.

Self Luminous Exit Signs Prevent Occupants from Being Left in the Dark

Self luminous exit signs are one item you can implement to ease the troubles of meeting building code requirements. Any door leading to an exit must be marked with the appropriate signage. These identifiers have to be placed low to provide increased visibility when smoke is present. An exit symbol may include the running man picture in the appropriately facing position, or simply the word itself.  The direction of the running man symbol depends on the exits location.

Those identifiers placed directly above an exit only have to contain the word, while directional signs are used for stairwells or along egress paths to help occupants find the nearest door in your building. Symbols are required to have a minimum height of four inches and need to be centered on a door horizontally. Signs should never be more than eighteen inches from the floor.

Having the impression that occupants will remember these locations after rehearsing the evacuation plan is unrealistic. Emergencies tend to startle people, rendering them irrational and without the ability for coherent thought. During an emergency, adrenaline kicks in, and people are only concerned with escape. An extensive fire or severe weather could create a panic. Without self luminous exit signs and other identification items, many people have a difficult time finding the nearest exit in a building. This can be expected even if they have occupied your building for years.

Why choose photoluminescent products over the more traditional incandescent lights? Incandescent products require electricity from a main power source or backup generator. A critical situation could make both sources unavailable, leaving occupants without a visible egress path. If you have installed luminous signing throughout your building, they will have an egress path even when these conditions prevail. It could make the difference between dealing only with building damage or having multiple injury lawsuits and structural fines.

You could be fined when sufficient safety measures are not in place and shut down for incompliance. Since photoluminescent signs meet all code requirements, you will be better off choosing them over less reliable alternatives. GloBrite products meet all compliance standards and are an affordable answer for any structure.

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