Photoluminescent Signage Prevents Occupant Confusion When Critical Circumstances Arise

When an emergency occurs, how do people find their way out of your building? What may seem like an easy question could prove to be far more difficult. You have a well-planned and practiced evacuation plan. All building occupants are familiar with the plan and should have received copies of it. Drills are run each month to ensure all equipment is working properly.

A backup generator is in place so that backup lighting can turn on immediately after main power failure. Egress markings, signing, and all other additional building code requirements have been met. You think you have performed enough preparation to ensure occupants reach a safety point if an emergency happens, then the unthinkable occurs, such as an electrical fire, a natural event, or a human made disaster.

Within seconds the main power could fail during an emergency, causing the building to go pitch black. Backup power was supposed to kick on, but does not due to generator issues and people are left to find their way without any sort of help. They trip over each other, tumble down stairs, and push those around them in a fear induced panic. As the chaotic situation worsens, people get hurt or trapped within the building.

Lack of lighting makes it more difficult for fire or first responders to find those lost or harmed within the structure. In the end, you may have legal costs and other complications that could have been avoided by including products made from photoluminescent materials as part of your building code compliance measures. Signage is important because it helps occupants locate exits, egress paths, and fire equipment. Photoluminescent signage can be seen even when your backup power source fails to operate. These products are also more effective if thick smoke fills your building.

Self Luminous Exit Signs: How Do They Protect Your Inhabitants?

Self luminous exit signs or materials have been applied for many years on transportation such as passenger aircrafts. Their power comes from ambient light that creates a glow people can use to identify egress routes and the nearest exit. They are not designed to illuminate an entire space, but instead create a visible boundary used to direct each individual and provide protection from injury during the exit process.

Markings outline the landing boundaries, handrails, and each set of stairs. Even panicked individuals can put the pieces together to make their way out. The technology supplies many advantages over electrically powered identifiers. Self luminous exit signs are reliable in any combination of conditions. The glow is created through a chemical reaction, allowing the sign to work any time lighting does not work.

Charging occurs throughout the day by obtaining energy from regular lighting. As long as the sign is charged, it will work without question. This type of charging eliminates the need for electricity or maintenance. They help you provide a safer environment, reduce energy usage, and decrease yearly compliance costs. GloBrite provides photoluminescent signage you can implement as a failsafe to unknown emergency conditions. Doing so allows you to relax, knowing occupants have the best aids anytime the unexpected happens.

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