Photoluminescent Products Offer Simplicity to Your Building Safety Measures

Photoluminescent safety items are not limited to exit door signage. You can install these identifiers in every egress area to provide a more visible exit path. Egress markings, fire safety signs, and bulk products are all available for your building code needs. Photoluminescent products offer a large advantage over any other type of code compliant egress item on the market. They can be visible any time traditional or secondary lighting is not available.

Luminous items do not light an entire hallway, stairwell, or exit door. Instead, they provide a glow that is used to outline important egress areas within your building. How can this be possible without using electricity? The technology uses a material designed to store lighting used each day as energy. This energy is then released when the lights go out, regardless of the reason. Photoluminescence supplies a reliable visibility source in thick smoke, complete darkness, or other critical conditions. If you have not already purchased these safety items, you could be missing out on the most dependable and cost efficient products available on the market today.

Self Luminous Exit Signs: Easy Code Compliance for Your Building

Signage will be a requirement whether you are having a new building constructed or simply need to modernize an existing one. Self luminous exit signs offer a greener approach to your buildings egress setup. They are also a good choice when you want to be more cost conscious with your budget. Photoluminescent merchandise can meet all your expense and eco-friendly concerns. Energy consumption is one of the biggest budget drainers when it comes to meeting building guidelines. An incandescent light uses energy consistently, leading to a fairly expensive electrical cost at the end of a year. The more incandescent signs you have in your building, the higher your energy expenses will be.

These exit items also harm the environment by emitting carbon dioxide as they are being used. Included materials are not safe for the environment and required maintenance can be debilitating. You can save money and take a greener building approach by using self luminous exit signs and materials.

If you are still not convinced that these GloBrite products are the better choice, consider a few more benefits received from their installation. Setup expenses are reduced due to the eliminated need for professional electrical installation. Egress merchandise made from other materials has specific disposal requirements. These processes increase costs when code regulations require your existing building to be upgraded.

Luminous signing has an extended life span, is eco-friendly, and is easy to maintain. All mentioned signings reduce the associated costs of having these products put in your new or existing building. If they are included in the design and construction of a structure, costs may be decreased even more.

The purchasing expense is the main budget dip you will experience, as opposed to other egress marking possibilities. Use them in a new building to avoid future regulation changes or to make later alterations simpler. Photoluminescent products create a safer building environment and can ensure it is up to par whenever code requirements change.

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