Photoluminescent Exit Signs: Frequently Asked Questions

In recent years, improvements in the burn time and luminance of photoluminescent signage have made it preferable to electric signage concerning fire and evacuation safety. For many building owners, electrical exit signage is out and luminescent signage is in—a decision that can also save money. If you are thinking about implementing new signs at your building’s exit points, and you have questions about photoluminescent exit signs, the answers below can help.

How long can a photoluminescent exit sign burn?

The best signs burn for up to ninety-six hours in total darkness, more than enough time to complete even the largest, most tedious evacuation. At GloBrite, we engineer our exit signs burn for up to ninety-six hours in total darkness.

Can a luminescent exit sign burn as brightly as an electric one?

The answer is yes. Photoluminescent signage can offer superior visibility at one hundred feet. Due to the lower wavelength of its luminance, it can actually appear brighter than electrical signage in the presence of smoke.

How much does a photoluminescent exit sign cost?

The average cost of a single sign is roughly $100. In comparison, the average incandescent sign costs $25; the average compact fluorescent sign costs $60; the average LED sign costs $57; and the average tritium sign costs $115.

How much does a photoluminescent exit sign cost to install and operate?

A single sign costs roughly $15 to install and nothing to operate. That means its lifetime cost is roughly $115. In comparison, the ten year cost of an incandescent, compact fluorescent, LED, and Tritium sign is $1,465, $894, $370, and $190, respectively.

Photoluminescent signs cost more than other types of signs, but they are the least expensive option in the long run.

How much money can implementing photoluminescent exit signage save?

This depends on the type of signage it replaces. For example, research shows that replacing one hundred incandescent exit signs with photoluminescent ones can save over $3,500 annually in energy costs alone.

Is a Tritium sign as cost effective as a photoluminescent one?

No. Although tritium signs are electricity-free, each sign has a $75 fee due to the radioactive capsules it contains. This fee can be waived if you agree to buy another sign, however, buying a sign that contains radioactive capsules should be avoided altogether.

How long do photoluminescent exit signs last?

A sign usually lasts twenty-five years, and can often last longer. Once it expires, its owner need only place it in the appropriate recycling bin.

How are GloBrite photoluminescent signs different from others?

Every sign we make contains our patented GloBrite technology that delivers up to ninety-six hours of illumination in total darkness, is nontoxic, and offers superior visibility, even when smoke is present. These characteristics also apply to our fire safety signs and egress markings.

There are many suppliers of photoluminescent egress supplies, but GloBrite actually specializes in these supplies, having spent over a decade perfecting its patented technology. To learn more about how our photoluminescent egress products can benefit your building call us today.

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