Lighted Exit Signs: Are They Really The Best Fit for Safety Needs?

Lighted identification items are a requirement for commercial buildings. Business facilities, government offices, retail locations, and eateries must all have exit signs to meet public safety standards. The first decision you must make as a building owner is what type of signs will be installed to follow these critical guidelines. Typical choices include incandescent lighting, LED or light-emitting diode, tritium, and photoluminescent products. Tritium products are not allowed in many buildings these days because of their contained radioactive materials, and are also expensive to purchase and install.

Incandescent varieties have been in use the longest, but require electricity, extensive maintenance, and a backup power source. LED products use electricity, but cost less to operate than incandescent varieties. Both are expensive to dispose of when the time comes to update building safety materials. Photoluminescent products are becoming the new standard because they are environmentally friendly, maintenance free, and less costly to use. Usage costs are the main differentiating factor between lighted exit signs and those made of photoluminescent materials.

Self Luminous Exit Signs Reduce Building Energy Expenses

Lighted exit signs require electricity, meaning you will have to hire a professional for installation. AC conductors must be run to each sign location so wiring can be fed through drilled holes. Multiple wires will have to be connected throughout mounting for proper operation. Breaker boxes, automated systems, and backup power all have to be included throughout the connection process. It is a detailed task that must be done correctly to ensure each sign is safe for operation.

Installation expenses may not be a big concern if you only have five signage locations in your building; however, it can be expensive when a large number must be put in place. Operational costs for incandescent lights will add up fast. Electric signage has to be powered every hour of the day. One hundred incandescent bulbs can total over three grand in energy costs each year. They are also known to product a significant amount of air pollution by emitting carbon dioxide throughout their use. When considering the outcome, incandescent signing does not seem like such a sufficient option for a building.

Self luminous exit signs do not require energy to illuminate egress routes and exit locations. You can forget the high energy expense discussed above because it does not exist. No wiring or complicated mounting procedures need to be completed, as it would with electric options. All materials needed for installation are included with the product. Installation costs are far less and much easier to handle on your own.

Maintenance, such as bulb changes, wiring fixes, and testing are not an issue. Self luminous exit signs do not need to be maintained. They last for up to twenty-five years, can be recycled, and do not emit carbon dioxide. All these benefits decrease the cost of installing your code compliant signs. GloBrite offers many luminous products to fit buildings of any size. Call our professionals today to learn more about these amazing safety products.

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