Improving Egress Safety Paths During Power Outages

Nothing can be more disconcerting than a disaster that causes a power outage in a building or large indoor area when people are trying to evacuate the premises. A power outage that causes lighting to fail during an evacuation will make what is an already tense and nerve racking scene even more chaotic. Essentially, a mass of people who are collectively nervous about escaping the potential threat of danger and reaching a safe location will become that much more frightened more panicked, and will rush to evade what could become a life threatening scenario. Similar to a Wal-Mart on Black Friday, the likely unfolding scenario amounts to people, blind in the dark, rushing through the hallways and corridors, trampling over one another trying to reach safety. The result is even more people becoming seriously injured, and an increased risk of the potential loss of life.

The key to preventing this terrible situation from happening is to do everything you can as a building owner toGloBrite1 improve egress safety paths during outages. The best way to improve egress safety paths is to infuse glow in the dark technology that guarantees to function in even the most testing situations. Building owners know it is imperative to implement the most durable, the most reliable, and the most battle tested safety products to ensure safe passage during an evacuation. Therefore, it is recommended that building owners purchase photoluminescent products in order to possess the best glow in the dark egress markers available on the market. Photoluminescent materials are the number one recommended safety signage products by several government regulatory committees, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Why? Because test results involving photoluminescent egress safety paths have proven the following:

  • No need for direct source of electric current or outlets for plugin.
  • Lowest failure rate (less than one percent) through numerous testing
  • Best longevity of any emergency exit materials on the market (approximately twenty-five years)
  • Ability to withstand harsh elements without losing functionality or operational capacity
  • Best green alternative and eco friendly egress safety product available
  • Photoluminescent technology glows in the dark brighter and more effectively than any other tested safety signage product

The list goes on, therefore it is recommended that you contact GloBrite Systems to learn more bout how photoluminescent technology will improve your egress safety paths during power outages. GloBrite is the pioneer in providing photoluminescent safety materials to customers in need of the product for their building and office location. The most trusted safety organizations have ruled that photoluminescent technology is the best egress safety path marker available, which is why the implementation of photoluminescent products has become a law in several states.

The fact that government organizations are making the use of photoluminescent egress markers mandatory is reason alone to obtain the benefits of this great glow in the dark technology. All you need to do is contact GloBrite, and a representative will be happy to assist in the improvement of your egress safety paths, so you no longer have to worry during a power outage.

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