Hotel Evacuation Signs: What Types of Notifications Should Be Provided to Your Guests?

Hotel owners are obligated to supply guests with appropriate emergency identification items throughout the facility. Each visitor should be supplied an evacuation procedure list with a detailed floor map outlining the fastest exit route. Additional items provided might include a list of processes to follow after exiting the building. These items and signs are essential because they enforce safety for fires which are a common reason for evacuating these types of commercial buildings.  Hotel evacuation signs are combined with this information to keep guests well informed of all nearby exits and procedures. Signs include stair, equipment and exit notifications placed on each level of the building. Contacting local officials is the easiest way to learn about what items are needed for your hotel facility to be compliant with building code safety regulations.

Fire Safety Signs: An Overview of Building Emergency Route Indicators

The room evacuation map should show where all exits are located for the associated floor. If you prefer not to put an evacuation plan in each accommodation, a general floor diagram must at least be provided. Front desk help can hand these items out as guests check in by marking the exit route from their room on a paper floor plan. A typical procedure involves leaving the room, maneuvering to the nearest egress point, and exiting the building. Include recommendations to feel any door before opening. Provided routes should be the shortest one available from each room.

Place fire safety signs restricting elevator use on every floor containing access. Additional signing needs to be installed by each stair entrance, exit door, and fire escape. Place signs with a directional arrow to exit points in each hallway. Equipment locators help people find the nearest extinguisher or fire hose. These identifiers often show a picture of the item and can include a directional arrow depending on the nature of the identifier. Floor indicators help individuals determine the level they are currently on. They may be placed near stair entrances as well as inside them to help people who must descend many flights of stairs. Emergency exit signage is required above each exit location. These fire safety signs may be lighted by back up power or contain photoluminescent materials to ensure visibility during life threatening situations. Assisted rescue area signs help people identify where to go when stairs are not an option due to disabilities or blocked exits. Your facility design will determine which and how many signs are needed to comply with safety codes.

These various identifiers can be utilized to provide easy to follow directions to all individuals staying or working in your hotel. GloBrite products meet all legal specifications for satisfying building code regulations. All utilize photoluminescent materials to increase visibility in situations where lighting is not present. Our hotel evacuation signs are reliable, effective, and do not pose any harm to the environment. They have an average life of twenty-five years in addition to being maintenance free. These innovative safety products supply the safest facility possible when placed throughout your buildings.

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