Four Self Luminous Emergency Signs that Increase Evacuation Safety

The use of self luminous egress solutions in commercial buildings is increasing for two reasons: the improved burn time of luminous emergency products and the risk of relying on backup lighting alone to light egress paths. In addition to backup lighting, responsible building owners use photoluminescent signs and egress markings to outline egress paths, indicate critical passage points, and indicate critical equipment in the event of low visibility evacuations. Below are four self-luminous emergency signs critical for low visibility evacuations.

Fire Equipment Signs

Fire equipment signs mark the location of fire extinguishers and fire hose and standpipe units. Available in several styles, fire equipment signage could mean the difference between a safe escape and perishing in a fire. During large fires, flames can occlude egress paths, but with access to fire equipment, evacuees can extinguish part of a fire to complete their evacuation. Fire equipment signs should be mounted in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) guidelines.

Area of Refuge Signs

Area of refuge signage marks the presence of exterior areas where emergency personnel can assist evacuees who have special needs. Although completion of evacuation is thought to be when all evacuees have exited a building, true completion occurs when everyone is considered safe. Some evacuees need as much assistance after exiting a building as they do when inside it. Areas of refuge help these evacuees to safety. Area of refuge signs should be mounted at the entrance to areas of refuge in accordance with International Fire Code (IFC) guidelines.

Emergency Exit Symbols

Also known as “international exit signs,” emergency exit symbols are the best-known fire safety signs. Though they can also feature words and direction arrows, their primary communicator is a running man symbol. The symbol’s running direction instructs evacuees how to travel after they access a door marked with the emergency exit symbol – left, right, up, or down. An emergency exit symbol should be mounted on all exit-leading doors in accordance with International Fire Code (IFC) guidelines.

Floor Identification Signs

Floor identification signs can be helpful in non-emergencies, but their information is designed to assist building occupants with evacuation, especially as they navigate vertical exit enclosures. To help evacuees remain in control as they use vertical exit enclosures, floor identification signage present the following information: identification of the stair or ramp, floor level, floor range, the level of the building exit, and what direction to travel to reach it. Floor identification signs should be mounted at every floor landing in vertical exit enclosures in accordance with IFC guidelines.

Glo-Brite has the Emergency Signage You Need

At Glo-Brite, we sell NFPA, IFC, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliant self-luminous emergency signs that improve evacuation safety. Powered by our patented Glo-Brite technology, our photoluminescent signs offer superior visibility through smoke, and burn for up to ninety-six hours in total darkness.

As numerous evacuation studies have shown, photoluminescent egress products can improve evacuation safety. To learn more about the benefits of photoluminescent egress products, call us today.

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