Fire Safety in the Workplace – Don’t Overlook Evacuation Signage

FireSafetyOne of the most common causes of building evacuations throughout the entire United Sates – and also the most deadly causes – involves a fire outbreak. Rather accidental or intentional, a fire, no matter how small it is when it begins, grows and spreads throughout a location much faster than people realize. And, before you know it, the fire starts to block pathways, heats up an area and making it unbearable, and fills a location with smoke, making it hard to see and breathe. So, as you can plainly infer by reading the previous sentence, fire breakouts presents myriad problems for a building, all of which can lead to the death of building occupants. Therefore, it is imperative that businesses and building owners take fire safety in the workplace seriously, and do not overlook evacuation signage as a necessary means to maximize the safety of their locations.

Well-designed evacuation signage can mean the difference between all of a building’s occupants reaching safety if a fire were to break out and some people, while trying to evacuate a premise, become seriously injured, or even succumb to a fatal incident because the necessary evacuation signage was not present on the premises. If a building owner or business is serious about implementing the best evacuation signage available on the market today, then they need to speak to a GloBrite representative and become more familiar with photoluminescent technology. Photoluminescent technology provides glow in the dark properties to evacuation signage, making the signs much easier to identify and read, even with heavy smoke from a fire present. In addition, fires are known to cause power outages. If your location has been outfitted with photoluminescent evacuation signage, then a power outage will gave absolutely no effect on your evacuation signage because photoluminescent signs do not require electricity to operate. Rather, photoluminescent signs absorb, store, and use energy gained from ambient light sources. Moreover, photoluminescent evacuation signs are an eco friendly, green alternative resource of safety signage, making them a much better prospect than the older models your location might still have installed.

Nobody needs to tell you how truly dangerous fires can be when they break out in the workplace. Even if you have never been involved in a fire outbreak, you have certainly heard of, read about, or seen in the news stories about how truly devastating it can be. It does not take much to cause a fire, and the fact that it can happen unknowingly makes them even more threatening. Therefore, take incorporating fire safety in the workplace seriously, and do not ever overlook proper evacuation signage, such as photoluminescence, as a means to protect your workers or your building’s occupants.

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