Fire Evacuation Signage, Photoluminescent Innovations

One of the most deadly and most difficult catastrophes to negotiate inside a building is when a fire breaks out. Even in the wilderness, the unpredictability and the speed at which a fire ignites and spreads is surprising, as we saw just recently the fire in Colorado that took the lives of twenty brave firefighters who were part of an elite unit. The unpredictability and speed at which a fire spreads is also applicable indoors. In addition, the smoke emanating from the fire is trapped inside, which means rooms will become increasingly smoky, as well as hard to see and to breathe. Also, the smoke is as dangerous as the fire, as the inhalation of smoke will cause people to cough, become nauseous, and pass out, ensuring that an unfortunate fate comes to fruition.

Although the above information paints a very grim picture, everything stated is accurate. Therefore, building owners need and want to be prepared in case such a treacherous event unfolds. In order to save lives during a fire, business owners need to install the best fire evacuation signage available. To do this, they need to become familiar with photoluminescent innovations, because this technology creates the best fire evacuation signage available. What makes photoluminescence superior and unique to other products is the technology that goes into its creation. To learn more about the intricacies of its design, you should call Jessup Manufacturing, as they are the most resourceful company regarding the sharing of detailed information as it pertains to the construction of egress markers.

For the sake of brevity, this blog will explain the superiority of photoluminescent innovations. First, these products glow brighter than any other materials in the industry. This is of vital importance when smoke becomes a serious problem in the building, making it hard to see from room to room. The brighter the signage, the better the chance you will have of seeing it when trying to escape a smoky building. In addition, the reliability and failure rate of photoluminescent products has been radically improved when compared to other options. Photoluminescence has a nearly zero failure rate, and that is while tested under every type of force that could cause it to fail. Photoluminescent products are so reliable that regulatory committees are beginning to make its use mandatory for all buildings.

For more information on fire evacuation signage, and how photoluminescent innovations are truly your best option, please contact GloBrite Systems. GloBrite will provide you the most informative break down of this technology, while also explaining how to best incorporate it into your building.

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