Fire Escape Signage for School Buildings: Saving Lives & Energy

The appropriate egress identification items are essential in school structures where multiple floors are present. A learning facility consisting of various stories should have certain elements in place to promote a quick evacuation in the event of an emergency. The wrong choice in this safety area leads to injury and possible lost lives depending on the extensity of an evacuation scenario. Building regulations require fire escape signage, egress door identifiers, and additional visual aids to be in place for supporting a set evacuation plan. The items defined in these guidelines have specific sizing, coloring, and wording requirements. Multi-level evacuations pose increased difficulty depending on where the fire has occurred. In certain situations, individuals are forced to use an escape or roof access point to exit a smoke filled structure. Ineffective identification products increase the time it takes to reach these structural points and can lead to the entrapment of those occupying a learning facility.

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Older Signing Methods

Traditional options have two specific drawbacks over newly offered photoluminescent products. A metal sign with no form of lighting does absolutely no good in scenarios where an emergency causes lighting to fail. This compliance choice also becomes hard to see when smoke fills a building. Incandescent options provide increased visibility; however, they are only available if lighting is still functional. These drawbacks reduce the dependability of identifiers like fire escape signage for school buildings. Photoluminescent emergency items were first put into place throughout planes, trains, and boats to provide an alternative visual aid in the event of emergency. Products are now available to commercial or public use structures to provide this same degree of visibility under any emergency condition. The concept behind these products is fairly simple and involves the same glow-in-the-dark properties that have been included as part of children’s toys for years.

Self-luminous choices consist of a film designed to absorb light energy from other sources. This energy remains stored until a building becomes darker or completely black and then is released to provide visibility in the form of a green glow. Marking products can be placed along corridors, stairs, and around doors to help individuals in a school find their way to the nearest egress point. Signing with this characteristic is available for identifying these building areas:

  • Floor Levels
  • Stairwells
  • Escapes
  • Roof Access Points
  • Egress Path Direction
  • Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Area Obstacles
  • Push Button Doors
  • Alarm Systems

When it comes to saving the lives of little ones in a school setting, self-luminous products are the way to go. They provide a degree of visibility not offered by traditional identification choices. Photoluminescent options have reduced energy expenses throughout duration of use, are less costly to maintain, and easier to dispose. Zero-energy fire escape signage contains no toxic materials, is safer for the environment, and ensures every person in a school setting has what they need to find their way out when a fire takes place. Learning facilities seeking a dependable, compliant item can choose these products over the alternatives to save money and lives.

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