Exit Signs for Emergency Evacuations Are Highly Dependable When Power is Not a Concern

Exit signs are placed in public facilities to assist individuals in locating the nearest egress point. They can save many lives when an emergency evacuation must be carried out. Fire, health, and building guidelines require these identifiers to be in place throughout most commercial structures. They are also part of some residential building compliance standards. Exit signs for an emergency must be consistently lit and have a set design so they may be identified by any individual without confusion.

Most products can contain text, symbols, or a combination of the two. In the United States, the common emergency egress sign has the word “EXIT” containing a combination of green or red with white. Identification signage is permanently lit because heavy smoke or failed lighting can affect visibility.

Permanent lighting can be provided by one of four methods. A sign may be self-luminous by either using radioactive tritium or glow in the dark materials. Electrical light can be provided through a rechargeable power supply or a generator. Photoluminescent products have been proven to be the most effective because they require no power source. A failed generator or bad backup battery does not affect their performance.

Self Luminous Exit Signs Make Your Egress Route More Effective

Before you make a final decision, consider the disadvantage you might experience by only meeting minimal code compliance standards. Since signs must be permanently illuminated, most owners choose backup systems as a way to supply secondary power to all implemented safety systems, including alarms, stairway lighting, and egress identifiers. While this is a good way to decrease the costs of individual batteries and system maintenance, it creates a single fail point for your entire safety layout.

Generators only work if they are well-maintained, and even then are not one hundred percent reliable. This type of power failure has caused many emergency exit problems, and is a large reason why many buildings have switched over to battery backup sources for lighting or other emergency systems. Electrically lighted signs have greatly improved to allow for small voltage power, but are still not completely dependable.

Self luminous exit signs remove all the possible complications associated with electrical lighting sources. Batteries, generators, and electrical wiring can be forgotten when implementing these products in your building. Tritium was one of the first self luminous products owners began installing; however, it is the more expensive and less safe option. GloBrite photoluminescent identifiers are nontoxic, meaning all materials are safe for the environment and surrounding individuals. They do not have continual energy usage expenses or need regular servicing.

Self luminous exit signs are so effective that many code guidelines now include them as a building safety provision. These products have been specifically designed to surpass safety code requirements for new and existing structures. Exit signs for emergency path identification are one of the most important aspects of your safety system. Contact one of our professionals today to learn how our products can improve your established egress plan.

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