Commercial Building Safety: Why Should You Be Concerned?

Public protection is a very large commercial building concern among city and federal officials. As an owner, you are responsible for ensuring the safety of anyone residing on or entering the premises. Regulations pertain to items such as installing handrails for stairs, handicap accessibility, and emergency aids. Most of these requirements are meticulous which makes them viewable as a nuisance to many building owners. However, if you take the time to realize what they do, then you can gain a new appreciation for these requirements set forth by local governments for commercial building safety.

These standards have been designed to create safe working environments and protect residents. Signs inform visitors of their location within the building as well as help everyone identify exits during emergencies. Items such as walkways or stairs have to be clean and free of obstructions. Handrails must be in place for sets of four or more stairs in many locations. Even the rail itself is required to be a certain size. Owners are encouraged to use maps or floor plans to create safe evacuation routes. These plans are practiced regularly so all building occupants can become familiar with the process. Signs, egress markings, and backup lighting are utilized to reinforce these plans.

Fire Safety Signs: Avoiding the Costs of Non-Compliance

Fire safety signs are an active part of your structure’s safety measures. In the event of a fire emergency, smoke and electricity loss can create evacuation difficulties. A structure should have many types of precaution items in place to help counteract unexpected occurrences such as electricity failure. For your building to meet code, it is required to have door identification signs, sprinklers, adequate equipment, and the appropriate notification signs. These items help unfamiliar visitors locate safety areas and equipment as well as assist people consistently residing in the building.

It is important to install required markings and signage around your building. These items have to be in the right location as well as at the appropriate height in order to meet set codes. If they are missing or improperly placed, you can be subjected to heavy fines. An inspector may even make you shut the building down until it is brought up to code. Depending on the nature of your commercial structure, this decision could cause a serious loss of profits. Additionally, lack of compliance can lead to fatalities or severe injury when a real emergency does occur. Injuries caused by code negligence are grounds for lawsuits which often entail large settlements. You can prevent these occurrences by following the regulations set forth by your local government. Fire safety signs along with many other materials are essential for ensuring compliance.

GloBrite can supply photoluminescent signs which not only ensure commercial building safety but also cut down the expenses associated with code requirements. Our luminous signing makes any path or exit visible even when unexpected circumstances arise. Products include exit identifiers, path markings, demarcation lines, and complete egress systems. We can help you implement notification materials which are not only safe but also more cost efficient than traditional code compliant products.

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