Building Safety Products: Does Your Building Have Competent Signing?

The International Code Council (ICC) regulates what items are necessary in a building to ensure public wellbeing. It manages two sets of safety codes which help protect individuals during an emergency evacuation. Construction in many states is regulated by the International Building Code (IBC). International Fire Codes (IFC’s) require specific products to be in place for all structures. These regulations have been adopted by many states in the country. They must be adhered to in conjunction with additional local regulations. Building safety products include demarcation lines, exit symbols, floor identifiers, egress path markings, and safety signs. Each is equally important because your occupants can utilize them to locate safe egress paths within the structure.

Selecting Adequate Fire Safety Signs is Imperative

ICC regulations call for specific fire safety signs to be in place throughout your building. They provide vital information to occupants during an emergency. Signs can direct individuals to a safe location or inform them of equipment locations. Examples include identifiers for fire hoses, standpipes, extinguishers, push to exit, and alarm locations. Your existing structure may have these signs in place. A majority of installed notification items are most likely non-luminous. They are commonly installed in buildings to cut initial costs and meet minimum fire code requirements. When the decision is made to install these particular signs, many circumstances are not considered including thick smoke.

You have three main choices for the identifiers used for building safety. The most traditional of these is lighted signage for exits. They combine the use of incandescent bulbs with electricity. Power outages cause them to sometimes fail when needed most. Use of radioactive chemical reactions can create a glowing light which does not use energy. These signs are dangerous, hard to dispose, and have become less desirable by the government. Finally, you can implement photoluminescent materials for all required signage. These items are a little more expensive initially but offer additional safety as well as cost saving benefits after installation. Luminous signage meets all codes set by the ICC. Each sign is visible in smoke and without electricity. They cut down energy use, maintenance expenses, and are completely safe for the environment.

Signage ensures your evacuation goes smoothly by providing everyone visual exit tools. When an evacuation is completed as planned, you are also at lower risk for legal complications due to injury or fatality. Fire safety signs help people identify specific exit paths, doors, fire escapes, and equipment. Without these items, individuals would have a hard time knowing where to go during a fire. Even with a well practiced plan, people can forget what they have learned. The most confused person can find their way out when visible signs are in place throughout your building.

Building safety products assist in directing disoriented individuals and support help what has been practiced. They also keep workers and residents of the structure safer under normal circumstances. GloBrite offers many luminous products which you can utilize to create a safer overall environment for occupants. Photoluminescent items allow you to obtain an efficient solution by implementing more effective safety items such as these.

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