Are your Fire Safety Signs Energy Efficient?

power free exit signsWith recent technology upgrades concerning fire safety signs, there are no more reasons why your fire safety signs should be expending and energy from a dedicated power source, which ironically makes fire safety signs still using electrical power a fire hazard. If you are a building owner, the last time you looked at your utility costs to operate your building, did you internally ask yourself why the bill is so exorbitantly high? Out of all the energy dependent sources in your building, did you ever consider that one of the main problems regarding your exasperating utility bill is the amount of electrical energy your fire safety signs are consuming? For building owners to manage large buildings, the following might be hard to swallow, but it is better to find out now than never know: switching your old and outdated fire safety signs with energy efficient safety signs can save you thousands of dollars each year, possibly tens of thousands of dollars each year, depending on how large your building is and how many fire safety signs you have installed throughout your location. In other words, every day you continue to use older model fire safety signs, you are consuming an inordinate amount of energy, and you are throwing away your hard earned money.

More important than saving money is saving lives. The main reason why you need to change out your old model fire safety signs is because the International Building Committee (IBC), the International Fire Committee (IFC), and the Photoluminescent Safety Association (PSA) have come to the conclusion that, after having analyzed and evaluated photoluminescent technology, which is what makes fire safety signs energy efficient, they should be a mandatory inclusion in certain types of buildings. The reason why these committees have regulated this specific protocol is because its experts have determined how truly beneficial, advantageous, and completely superior energy efficient fire safety signs are over traditional, older, and outdated models. Again, the most important aspect to fire safety signs is they provide the most optimum opportunity to save lives, and that is why these committees are requiring changes and alterations that switch outdated fire safety signs with energy efficient fire safety signs.

The choice should be clear: by transitioning to energy efficient fire safety signs, you give occupants the best opportunity to reach safety should an evacuation occur, and you will save yourself and/or your business a ton of money in both the short and long term. Maximizing safety and minimizing cost, that sounds like a win-win situation for any business and building owner, so do not delay any longer and let the professionals from GloBrite Systems provide you the necessary information that will assist in making this economical and safety inclusive transition as soon as possible. A GloBrite representative is standing by.

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