Is Film Coating the same as Spin Coating?

CustomCoating2To help the reader get a better understanding of what film coating and spin coating are, and to help determine whether both coating methods are essentially the same in function, this blog will define both coating systems to see what relevance and similarities, if any, are evident.

Spin coating is a type of coating procedure used to deposit thin, uniform films to flat substrates. Most often, a tiny amount of coating material is applied on the center of the substrate, which will be spinning at a low speed or not spinning whatsoever. The substrate to which coating is being applied is then rotated at a high speed so that the coating substance spreads by centrifugal force. The mechanism that is used for spin coating is known as a spin coater, and is often just called a spinner. The rotation cycle is maintained while the coating fluid shoots off the edges of the coated substrate. This process will continue until the desired thickness of the film is achieved. The applied solvent, which is most likely volatile, will simultaneously evaporate while the rotation cycle runs. The thickness of the coating film will depend on both the viscosity and the concentration of both the solvent and the solution.

Remember, the higher the angular speed of the rotation, or spinning cycle, the thinner the film of the coat, and the slower the speed, the thicker the coating film is.

Film coating is a polymer based coat that is meant to be thinly applied to a solid dosage form – most notably a kind of tablet. Therefore, while the desired outcome is essentially the same, the process in which the substrate undergoes is methodically different. Why is this? It is most likely because the substrate reacts differently when application of a specialized coating is underway. It is important to not corrupt and / or agitate the substrate, because it is of extreme importance that the coating is applied with one hundred percent accuracy and precision.

To help your organization determine what type of coating process is best for your products, your best bet would be to consult with a business that has certified experts that can explain all the different types of coating processes available, as well as help determine what the most optimal coating system would be for your company’s particular products. Jessup Manufacturing offers customized and specialized coating solutions, and can help your business identify the type of coating service that will maximize the functionality of your products. You can trust Jessup services and products, just like countless other businesses have for the last sixty years, as that is hoe long Jessup Manufacturing has been providing industrial solutions for businesses. Simply call, and find out if your company should be using film coating or spin coating for your products, or if another coating application is more suitable for your needs.

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