Frequently Asked Questions

About Glo Brite® Film

Does the Glo Brite® film come in bulk formats?
What is Glo Brite® Safety Grade?

Using the latest in photoluminescent technology, and meeting or exceeding the industry’s most rigorous standards, Glo Brite® Safety Grade products are the total solution for your conversion needs.

Glo Brite® Safety Grade films are available in polyester or PVC, with a selection of safety grade solutions to meet your unique product specifications. Choose from two formats: flexible laminated film or rigid film.

Does Glo Brite® Safety Grade comply with most domestic photoluminescent codes and standards?

Yes. Glo Brite® Promotional Grade Bulk Format products are your total solution, meeting most any domestic photoluminescent code or standard. Click to see the Glo Brite® Safety Grade Compliance Chart.

What is Glo Brite® Promotional Grade?

Glo Brite® Promotional Grade products are the total glow-in-the dark solution for your promotional applications. Designed to absorb and store ambient light, Glo Brite® Promotional Grade products are immediately visible in blackout or lowlight environments.

Printers and converters can choose from a variety of coated substrates, making Glo Brite® Promotional Grade ideal for applications such as decals, stickers, banners and other premiums.

Is Glo Brite® available for custom solutions?

Jessup Manufacturing is the only vertically integrated North American manufacturer of glow-in-the dark rigid/flexible films. For converters seeking photoluminescent solutions where specific luminescent values must be considered, we are your total solutions provider. Using our Solve + Make™ process, we will work with you to produce the finest, code-compliant Glo Brite® product for your conversion or printing needs.

About Photoluminescent Exit Signs

How can you tell if a photoluminescent exit sign is UL listed?

There will be a UL logo on the sign face of any product that has successfully met the standards for UL 924 Listing. You can also go to the UL website,, for written confirmation.

What is 5 FC?

5 FC (5-foot candles) is a measurement of light levels on a surface. 5 FC is the minimum level of light that must be on the sign face at all times during building occupancy for all externally illuminated exit signs as required in International Building and Fire Codes.

Energy Star® has reported that the average light level in U.S. offices measures 50 FC. However, the only accurate way to check the amount of light on the sign face is with a light meter. Most electrical contractors or building facilities departments have access to this device, and confirmation of sufficient light levels should be done at installation.

Outside of the obvious (such as outdoors, in an area without 54 lux of light, and where extensive grime has accumulated on a sign face), where will Glo Brite® Exit Signs NOT work?

Per the NFPA, photoluminescent exit signs are not a suitable option where the illumination levels are permitted to decline and where charging source is connected to automatic timers. In areas where illumination levels need to be subdued below the minimum 5-foot candles, it may be possible to use black light for the charging source. This may need to be approved as an alternate but equal method of protection, which should only be presented to the AHJ by the architect of record or a fire protection consultant.

When is emergency lighting required around a primary exit, and where should it be located?

According to the 2000 International Building Code, the means of egress, including the exit discharge, is required to be illuminated at all times that the building space which serves the means of egress is occupied.

A potential customer states that the glow from an exit sign needs to beam towards the ground. Is this true?

No, exit signs are not required to do this. The customer may be referring to some electrical exit signs that also have a spray of light from the electric bulbs that shines downward through an opening in the bottom edge of the exit sign. This is simply a marketing gimmick, which gives the impression that by doing this the requirements for Means of Egress Illumination (emergency lighting) have been satisfied. All model codes require that the means of egress in most buildings is illuminated at an intensity of not less than 1-foot candle (10.75 lux) at the floor level any time the building is occupied. This code cannot be reliably satisfied with either high level or low level exit signs.

A potential customer in the West stated that a person needs to be able to view the exit sign from 100 feet per NFPA or OSHA. Is this true?

No, there is no requirement in any code that requires that an exit sign be visible from 100 feet. This is commonly confused with a requirement that no point in a corridor be more than 100 feet from the nearest visible exit sign.

However, the Glo Brite® PM 100 and PF 100 Exit Signs are the only exit signs on the market that have been designed for clear visibility under blackout conditions at 100 feet.

It has been stated that, according to OSHA 1910-37-Q-(6), “all exit signs must be internally (not externally) illuminated.” Does the photoluminescent portion of OSHA 1910 override this statement?

OSHA 1910-37-Q-(6) states that “Every exit sign shall be suitably illuminated by a reliable light source giving a value of not less than 5 foot-candles on the illuminated surface.” Glow in the dark Glo Brite® Exit Signs comply with this requirement when externally illuminated with a minimum of 5 foot-candles (54 lux).

Let’s say that the lights have been off all night and then the following morning a power outage occurs just 15 minutes after the building is occupied. Will Glo Brite® Exit Signs have time to properly charge and guide people safely out of the building?

This question was raised at a meeting of the NFPA 101 Technical Committee on Means of Egress, and, after a thorough discussion, it was determined that the probability of such a scenario was extremely low. It takes about 16 to 96 hours in total darkness for a photoluminescent exit sign to fully discharge. If full discharge has not occurred, then the residual energy in the sign will allow full charging to take only a few minutes instead of the one hour required by a fully discharged sign.

Additionally, 99% of true emergencies where evacuation of the building is required do not include the loss of power to the building within the first hour of the emergency. Even in the rare 1% situation, where there is loss of power within the first hour, there will still be emergency lighting along the egress path and true total darkness will neveroccur. Glo Brite® Exit Signs will utilize that ambient emergency lighting and be visible.

The term “unfiltered fluorescent illumination” is required on the sign face of all photoluminescent exit signs. What does it mean?

This term refers to certain fluorescent fixtures that utilize an actual filter to reduce the amount of UV that is emitted from the fluorescent bulbs. The diffuser or semi-transparent panel that is most commonly used with fluorescent fixtures is NOT considered to be a filter.

How does one resolve issues with the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AJH)?

The term “Authority Having Jurisdiction” is used in NFPA documents in a broad manner, since jurisdictions and approval agencies, as well as their responsibilities, vary. Where public safety is primary, the AHJ may be a federal, state, local, or other individual, such as a fire chief, fire marshal, fire prevention bureau representative, building official, fire inspector or other person having statutory authority. Within government installations, the AHJ may be the commanding officer or departmental official.

Keep in mind that the AHJ does have the final say as to what can and cannot be used or installed within his jurisdiction. Most issues concerning the selection of exit signage are related to education and interpretation of the information available on a product.

Jessup Manufacturing offers you the necessary tools to educate the AHJ as to the UL 924 Listing. We have had the Glo Brite® Exit Signs listed through the ICBO Evaluation Service who states that photoluminescent exit signs meet the following building codes: ICBO, IBC, BOCA and SBCCI. When it comes to interpretation, Jessup has on its payroll a consultant who was the Assistant Fire Marshal for the State of California. He has been actively involved with AHJ education and code interpretation for the past several years, and can speak the language of the AHJ in order to resolve any issues that arise. For more information and assistance, please Contact Us.

About Glo Brite® Exit Signs

Why are zero energy Glo Brite® Exit Signs the preferred emergency egress solution for a building that is going green?

Glo Brite® Exit Signs use zero electricity to operate with 100% reliability, and have zero bulbs or batteries to replace. These long-lasting signs are also non-toxic, non-radioactive, and are 100% recyclable.

Can Glo Brite® Exit Signs save on energy dollars?

Yes. GloBrite® Exit Signs are the leading zero energy, green solution for your building. With more than 100 million exit signs operating 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, in buildings throughout the U.S., it costs companies $1 Billion to purchase, install, operate and maintain their exit signs! By using Glo Brite® Exit Signs, U.S. companies could save $70 million each year.

How do zero energy GloBrite® Exit Signs work without using electricity?

Zero energy Glo Brite® Exit Signs utilize a new-generation photoluminescent technology to absorb and store energy from normal ambient light. In the event of a blackout, Glo Brite® Exit Signs release this stored energy in the form of light.

Are Glo Brite® Exit Signs reliable?

While reliability has been an inherent problem with conventional emergency exit signs due to maintenance issues and bulb failure, the enormous of advantage of Glo Brite® Exit Signs is are that there are zero internal lights to burn out, making it 100% reliable and virtually maintenance free.

Are Glo Brite® Exit Signs safe to handle and install?

Yes. Unlike self-powered tritium-containing exit signs, which are radioactive and require special handling, Glo Brite® Exit Signs are both non-radioactive and non-toxic.

What is required for installing GloBrite® Exit Signs?

Since Glo Brite® Exit Signs are non-electric, our signs can be easily installed, in almost any high or low location, without any expensive electrical installations. Simply follow your local building and fire codes for location requirements, check to see that there is 54 LUX of fluorescent light on the sign face at all times during building occupancy, and then hang your Glo Brite® Exit Sign.

Are Glo Brite® Exit Signs listed to the UL 924 Standard for Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment?

Yes, UL completed all testing and Glo Brite® Exit Signs have been found to be in conformance to the UL 924 Standard. This also puts Glo Brite® Exit Signs in compliance with NFPA Life Safety Code 101 and all national building codes, ICBO, IBC, BOCA, SBCCI, and NFPA 5000. Please refer to Standards and Codes.

To which existing building codes and standards do Glo Brite® Ecō Exit™ Signs conform?

Glo Brite® Exit Signs conform to all essential and appropriate building codes and standards. To see the extensive list, see our Standards and Codes.

Can Glo Brite® Exit Signs be safely disposed of in a normal disposal process where they end up in a landfill?

Yes, tests performed by an independent laboratory confirmed that both framed and unframed Glo Brite® Exit Signs may be safely disposed of in a normal disposal process where they end up in landfill.

The human eye has significant problems seeing red light from a distance or during emergency situations where smoke has introduced into the environment.

Are Glo Brite® Exit Signs available in any other photoluminescent color than High Visibility Green?

No, because exit sign illumination should be green for several good reasons. While many building codes state that the visibility color of emergency exit signs can be either red or green, In smoky situations, the green spectrum has both much higher visibility and much easier readability, which makes green better for human safety considerations. The color green is also associated in people’s minds with the instinct to “GO”, just like with a traffic light.

How long will Glo Brite® Exit Signs last?

Glo Brite® Exit Signs have zero internal parts to maintain and replace, making them virtually maintenance-free for 25+ years under normal operating conditions. Since dirt and debris can accumulate on any flat surface, the signs should simply be wiped clean occasionally. Our unique photoluminescent material will also not degrade when exposed to UV light, allowing consistent and uniform illumination across the sign face throughout the life of the product. Glo Brite® Exit Signs are also explosion-proof, and can be used in sensitive areas that require explosion-proof exit signs.

How long will the Glo Brite® Exit Sign glow?

Glo Brite® Exit Signs were developed to exceed the UL 924 Standard, and, when charged by sufficient ambient light, will glow reliably for several days. The UL 924 Standard requires strict legibility/visibility testing. The face of the exit sign is first charged for 60 minutes at 54 lux and then put into total darkness for 90 minutes for visibility testing. Refer to the UL 924 SG Supplement for the complete test procedure.

How long does it take to charge the Glo Brite® Exit Sign?

The brighter the ambient light intensity (lux) of fluorescent light on the sign face, the shorter the amount of time it takes to charge the exit sign. The current UL 924 Standard requires that there be 54 lux of fluorescent light on the sign face at all times during building occupancy.

About the Glo Brite® Egress Components

What is the Glo Brite® Safety Guidance System?

The Glo Brite® Safety Guidance System is a comprehensive suite of green, energy-efficient photoluminescent Glo Brite® Egress Components that provide buildings with an extensive, photoluminescent low-level emergency egress route. This zero energy solution offers 100% reliability while saving substantial energy dollars.

Which Glo Brite® Egress Components are in the Glo Brite® Safety Guidance System?

Ensuring human safety and reducing energy costs are the main reasons for choosing the photoluminescent directional system. That is why the GloBrite® Safety Guidance System contains the zero energy Glo Brite® Egress Components that are essential to a low-level emergency egress system. Each glow-in-the-dark safety product is designed to glow in complete darkness or smoky conditions after exposure to ambient fluorescent light.

  • Glo Brite® Exit Signs are the industry’s most reliable, cost effective zero energy photoluminescent exit signs available. Non-electric, non-toxic, non-radioactive, and virtually maintenance-free for 25+ years, Glo Brite® Exit Signs are also 100% recyclable.
  • Glo Brite® Egress Components include our Glo Brite® Pathway Strips, which are durable aluminum extrusions with inset GloBrite® photoluminescent tape that clearly mark low-level egress routes on handrails, stairs and walls.
  • Glo Brite® Tape is an adhesive-backed photoluminescent film used to indicate an illuminated evacuation path.
  • Glo Brite® Stripe Tape is photoluminescent striping tape that is perfect for marking columns and other obstructions that may be hazardous during an emergency evacuation.

Glo Brite® Safety Track is a durable, non-skid, mineral-coated photoluminescent tape that offers a highly visible non-slip surface for safe evacuation during blackout or smoky conditions.

About Glo Brite® Safety Signs

Do you offer Glo Brite® Safety Signs for marking fire extinguishers?

Yes. Glo Brite® Safety Signs greatly reduce the potential risk for panic and injury during an emergency evacuation. We have in a wide array of durable, cost-effective photoluminescent fire safety signs and emergency signs for your building safety needs.

Why is the Glo Brite® Safety Guidance System superior to other choices available today?

Your emergency egress system needs to be 100% reliable, or human lives could be lost. A green solution will also help you save on energy costs. The zero energy Glo Brite® Safety Guidance System is the comprehensive photoluminescent emergency egress solution that you can count on when it comes to reliability and energy cost savings. In the event of a blackout, the Glo Brite® Safety Guidance System provides an immediately visible emergency evacuation route.