What Do Fabric Laminating Companies Do?

What Do Fabric Laminating Companies Do?

Custom Laminating companyAs it pertains to fabric lamination, a general definition of this process involves a process where two or more substrates are fused together through the use of heat, adhesives, or pressure onto a fabric to improve some aspect of the fabric. In some instances, it involves specifically chosen fabrics that need to be converted, for whatever reason, through a lamination process so the fabric can then have a different use or application. An example of this converting process would be an apparel fabric that is converted through lamination into an upholstery or wall covering. Other uses of fabric laminating processes include fabric protection through the adhering of a laminate, fire protection that a laminate can provide – as well as liquid protection – and the saving of a person’s or company’s time and money in having to sew and upholster damaged and fragile fabric. Fabric lamination offers the best possible option for the protection of almost every type of fabric. What you just read are some examples of the operations involved at a laminating company, among other important functionalities.

Laminating companies use processes such as Water Base Adhesives, Hot Melt Adhesives, Dry Web Adhesives, Plastisol Adhesives, and Flame Bonding for the fusing of two or more substrates for the fabric being laminated. Moreover, depending on the type of fabric you are wanting to be laminated, laminating companies uses numerous types of lamination processes, including: Knit Backing, Matte Vinyl, Polish Vinyl, Fabric to Fabric, Acrylic Backing, Paper Backing, Fire Barrier Backing, Moisture Barrier, Foam Backing, and Canvas Backing, among many others. Do not worry if the provided list seems daunting. A professional laminating company, such as Jessup Manufacturing, will be able to help you determine which type of laminating process you will need depending on what exactly you or your business is trying to accomplish, along with the type of fabric being laminated.

As it probably seems from the information provided in this blog, fabric lamination is a very meticulous process – one that should be performed by a reputable fabric laminating business because of how fragile and expensive many fabrics are. The last problem you or your company needs is the destruction of your expensive and important fabrics because a laminating company was unskilled in providing the necessary lamination. This is why it is strongly encouraged that you talk to a representative of Jessup Manufacturing. Jessup has been providing a myriad product development and enhancement services for well over fifty years, and they can be trusted to provide the necessary lamination you need for you fabrics. After speaking with a Jessup professional, you will immediately realize why customers consider Jessup one of the most trusted laminating companies in the industry, and you will feel comfortable letting them provide the necessary lamination for your fabrics.

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