How do you Coat or Laminate Fabrics?

FabricLaminatingBelieve it or not, methods exist for coating and laminating fabrics without having to worry about stripping, fading, or damaging the fabrics in any way. Once upon a time, the idea might have been determined ludicrous, but today, with modern technological advancements made in the industrial coating and laminating processes, it is possible to coat and laminate fabrics, free of hassle. As you may already know, coating and laminating is already involved in several different types of industries, including packaging, as well as printing and paper making. Now, you can add textile coating and lamination to the mix. Coating and laminating textiles, or fabrics, is performed at the end of the finishing process, where it will add another value to, and improve on the function, or need of the fabric material. Coating and laminating fabrics will add special and specific properties to the material, as so intended, so that the fabric can last longer, not fray as easily, become more protected, and even look more aesthetically pleasing.

As it pertains to coating, a polymer or elastomer is usually used, manifesting in a viscous form, and it will be applied directly onto the fabric, and then cured. When it comes to laminating a fabric, a previously developed or extruded film will be bonded onto the fabric’s substrate, through a thermal or adhesive bonding that minimizes the risk of damage during the laminating process. As mentioned previously, the coating and laminating of fabrics is almost always performed for aesthetic reasons (improving on the overall appearance of the fabric), or to advance the intended function or operation of the fabric. Several techniques can be used for coating and laminating textiles, especially fabrics, but to learn more about those techniques, it is suggested that you contact Jessup Manufacturing, where a company professional would be happy to assist you.

Jessup Manufacturing will be able to help answer the myriad questions that are probably formulating in your head. Some of these questions probably involve the cost of coating and laminating fabrics, as well as what aspects and scenarios influence the total cost, such as size, quantity, and weight. In addition, you will also likely want to know which of the methods of coating and laminating fabric best applies to your, or your business’s needs. These are all questions that a Jessup representative will be able to answer in complete detail, so once you are finished consulting with the representative, you will know exactly what you need to do.

Jessup Manufacturing has been providing consultation and services involving the coating and laminating of fabrics and other textiles for a long time. In fact, Jessup has been helping industrial companies for close to sixty years, which should indicate that the company is doing it the right way. Once you speak to a Jessup professional, you will have complete confidence in their industrial services.

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