Is your Company Aware of Exit Sign Size Requirements?

Is your Company Aware of Exit Sign Size Requirements?

Building owners know all to well the myriad components that go into the proper installation of exit signs, and the requirements imposed by federal regulatory committees, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). After going through the tedious necessities of implementing exit signs in your building in the correct fashion as it pertains to direct protocol, it is easy to forget that one of the many requirement issued by regulatory agencies involves exit sign size. This blog presented by GloBrite Systems should serve as a reminder not to forget any of the details regarding the installation of exit signs, exit sign protocol, and the size requirements related to exit sign protocol.

OSHA mandates numerous exit sign requirements, one of which involves exit sign size, which you might easily forget in arranging all the necessary satisfaction requirements. The following information should help your company, building owners, and whoever is responsible for exit sign requirement oversight become completely aware of exit sign size requirements.

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration controls the standards for emergency lighting in the United States. You can trust this blog byexit sign requirements that both direct occupants toward an exit and are placed directly by the exit. Concerning all new exit signs, OSHA requires a minimum distance of five feet illumination from an exit sign. Exit Signs must have a letter size of a minimum of six inches, with a minimum of three-quarters of an inch stroke, in all states except for New York, where the lettering size is eight inches. Existing exit signs must have the word “EXIT” in lettering not less than five inches in size with principal strokes of letters of not less than one half of an inch. Moreover, the exit sign letters shall be of such color or design as to be in strong contrast to the background of the sign. Arrows or other directional symbols shall be of equal visibility.

Because GloBrite Systems designs products with optimal coverage and safety components, all of their exit signs have OSHA required lettering size. As mentioned previously, because New York requires eight inch letters, GloBrite offers a full line of New York approved exit signs. If you speak to a GloBrite representative, that individual will be happy to provide the break down of all the exit sign products that are available to you, with all of the options being completely set to standard regarding OSHA protocol. GloBrite experts will also be happy to assist in designing implementation needs of exit signs for your building or your location.

Do not allow yourself to be fined for not following OSHA directives. GloBrite Systems, and become aware of exit sign size requirements.

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