Explosion Proof Exit Signs for Buildings

Many manufacturing and energy-related companies have areas that are particularly dangerous. These areas have their own sets of rules, safety procedures, and only highly trained personnel are allowed inside. It’s also essential that all of the items in such areas are safe. In certain hazardous locations, it is important to have explosion proof exit signs. Such signs can help keep your workers safe when they are utilizing materials that create explosive fumes.

Under the right conditions, exposure to explosive gases could make a standard electric exit sign explode. The right gas meets the right exposed wire or source of energy, and suddenly there are shards of glass and metal flying every direction. Obviously, such a situation could be extremely dangerous to your workers, so it is important to have exit signs that provide effective safety signage without creating any hazards of their own.

Fortunately, all GloBrite exit signs are rated as explosion proof. This means that you can use them in areas where explosive gases get into the air without the fear of creating a hazardous situation — at least not one involving the exit sign.

Hazardous location exit signs must still provide highly visible emergency guidance, and GloBrite signs do this as well. Our signs are printed with highly visible pigments that are easy to see in lighted conditions. And if for any reason the lights suddenly go out, GloBrite signs are tested to glow in excess of 90 minutes, providing ample time for your employees to make their way to safety.

Of course, there are also electric exit signs that are rated as explosion proof. Such signs rely on special insulation to avoid explosions in hazardous locations. However, such signs are much more expensive to buy, install, and operate, and they are no more effective or safe than their photoluminescent counterparts. The inorganic material found in photoluminescent exit signs is safe in virtually any environment and can last for up to 25 years.

Learn more about the many benefits of photoluminescent explosion proof exit signs by contacting Jessup manufacturing, the makers of GloBrite, to speak with a team member.

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