Spread the Word with Pre-Event Graphics

event-graphicsOne of the primary advertising challenges of any outdoor event is generating buzz. No matter how big or small your event is, you’re probably looking for ways to increase hype and get people talking about your event in the days and weeks leading up to it.

To do this, you’re going to want to use every tool in your arsenal. A social media campaign is, of course, key to spreading the word to your loyal followers on the Internet. But how will you reach the people living and working in your city who have no pre-existing knowledge of your event?

This is where street event graphics come into play. Well-designed graphics placed on highly trafficked streets, walkways, and stairs are an innovative and engaging way to create buzz for your event. With some ingenuity and the right designer, you could create an event graphic that draws the attention of everyone who passes by, thereby increasing awareness and generating buzz for your event. If you can come up with something truly exceptional, people might even start posting pictures of your graphics and spreading them online for you.

Outdoor graphics placed on streets and sidewalks are particularly adept at drawing attention because they have the capacity to be much more unexpected and entertaining than standard forms of advertising, like posters and banners. With ground decals, there are no limits in terms of size, shape, or versatility. Here are just a few ways that you can use outdoor event graphics to generate buzz for your next event:

  • Lay down arrows that direct people towards your event and tease them with a wisp of information about what to expect.
  • Create a seemingly 3D graphic promoting your event that people can interact with and take pictures of, creating optical illusions that they can share with their friends online.
  • Immediately outside of your event space, lay down a large advertisement for the event itself and point people into the building. This will draw in people who focus more on where they are walking than the buildings around them.
  • Create mysterious images and spread them around your city, causing people to take notice whenever they pass one, piquing their curiosity and convincing them to learn more about whatever it is you’re advertising.

Outdoor event graphics made with Asphalt Art are versatile, durable, and attention grabbing. If whatever you’ve been doing to generate buzz for your next event hasn’t worked, consider the possibilities for viral promotion that outdoor street graphics can create by requesting your free sample pack of Asphalt Art today.

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