Event Promotion Made Easy with Asphalt Art

If you are a part of a company that is looking for a new, innovative way to advertise your company that displays creative thought, artistic recognition, and ingenuity; while simultaneously promoting your brand,  read on and get to know Asphalt Art. Asphalt Art provides a unique type of outdoor advertising material in the form of concrete graphics print materials. Quite literally, it is placing graphic material on asphalt and concrete. One could describe it as, or relate it to graffiti, regarding aesthetic beauty and artistic wonder that some graffiti displays. However, Asphalt Art is legal, though it can last up to one year it can be easily removed, and it is eco friendly. The best benefits of Asphalt Art are how easy it is to apply, the visual appeal and vibrancy of the graphic art, and how it makes event promotion so simple.


Asphalt Art promises to amaze people with how real, lifelike, and authentic the graphic art looks, even when applied to asphalt and concrete, which more often than not does not make for the best medium for displaying art. There are plenty of pictures on the Asphalt Art website that will prove how detailed and impressive, as well as how sharp and vibrant the colors are against asphalt and concrete.

Event promotion can be made easy with Asphalt Art, as the steps taken to place the art on the asphalt or concrete is simple. All you have to do is sweep the area to make sure it is clean, and stick the graphic on the spot of the asphalt and concrete that you want the art to be displayed. Asphalt Art’s unique design (all design and creation is completed in-house) features a glass bead non-slip texture that can be printed on and immediately applied to a number of floor surfaces. In addition, Asphalt Art’s foil base is thin enough to conform to rough and untreated surfaces such as stone and cement.

For more information regarding how your event promotion can be made easier with Asphalt Art, one of our representatives will happy to go over our services with you once you call or email us. We promise our concrete graphics print material, coupled with our ability to develop superior outdoor advertising material, will make your event promotion easier, more fun, less expensive, and much more attractive – all you have to do is utilize the benefits Asphalt Art offers.

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