A Secret to Increase Product Visibility at Your Next Event

guerilla3Posing a hypothetical scenario: if your marketing company is given a golden opportunity to advertise your specific name brand at an event that brings in ten of thousands of people, what will you do? It is probable that the first move you will make is to commence a campaign around the event, which will likely include a great and magnificent image of your brand or logo. Focusing on the image you will need for your logo or brand name, the key will be to create the image in a way that you maximize product visibility at the event. But how? This blog post will give you an excellent idea on a way to increase your product visibility at your next event – an idea that is still considered a secret among a select few of those in the advertising industry who have discovered its brilliance.

At a large event, where people number in the tens of thousands, you will be hard pressed to create an image that maximizes product visibility for that event. However, with the floor as your canvas you can create multiple graphics that will be sure to reach as many people as you possibly can. Though there are many ways and methods available of create an image for advertising purposes, there is only one true way to maximize your image design efforts. This method will not only reach your entire audience, but will make them stop, stare, and remember the image they are witnessing, then continue to process the image in their minds and want to seek more information about the image based on the curiosity derived from the image. Maximizing product visibility at your next event can be accomplished through the use of floor graphic design.

Floor graphic images provides clients the opportunity to create a tangible image, derived from awesome imaginative efforts and computer graphic design, which can be manifested into any shape and size, and printed out on specialized paper. What separates floor graphic designs from other marketing artwork pieces is how it can be incorporated into the event. Floor graphic designs can be placed, as you have probably guesses based on the name alone, on the floor where the event takes place. It can also be placed virtually anywhere though, including on walls, ceilings, steps, stairways, and stairwells. In addition, if the event happens to be an outdoor gathering, the floor graphic can be used outside, and will adhere to almost any type of surface, whether it is brick, asphalt, concrete, cement, pavement, or cobblestone.

Another unique feature regarding floor graphic designs is that the image can be printed in a three dimensional aspect ratio. If you have never seen what a three dimensional image can look like when created correctly, visit the Asphalt Art gallery to see examples of both two and three dimensional floor graphic images. Three dimensional floor graphic designs pop out unlike any promotional image you have ever laid eyes on, and will truly spark interest in your logo, if you decide to use floor graphic imagery for your next event.

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