Does your Building have an Evacuation System in Place for Blackouts?

stair safetyMost building owners, due to the increase in extremist activity around the world and even in the United States are alarmed over the potential threat of someone trying to invoke harm on occupants located in their building. While this type of threat is very real, as it pertains to the United States, the odds are very low that your building will be attacked in this manner. Rather, what most United States building owners should be more concerned over is the increase in the number of blackouts affecting building and structures across the country. The level of concern should be more readily apparent on the west coat, where rolling blackouts used to be the norm in California, and even recently Silicon Valley – where the wealthiest of the wealthy work and have crazy expensive buildings – experienced a two day long blackout. Because the threat of a blackout is more prevalent than most other types of reasons why a building would need to evacuate, building owners must ask themselves if their building has an evacuation system in place for blackouts.

If the answer to the posed question ending the previous paragraph is no, then you could be in deep trouble should a blackout occur in your building. Because, if a blackout does occur, and no evacuation plan is in place, then you can expect utter pandemonium as people desperately try to evacuate in the dark. The fallout of an unprepared evacuation for a blackout could be tremendously terrible, as numerous injuries, even possible deaths could result from people in a chaotic state, trying to race down stairs, trampling over one another to reach safety. People trample over each other in a Wal-Mart on Black Friday merely to save a couple of bucks, so imagine what they might do if they believe their life in in danger. If you do not have a plan in place, it is time to design one, and then put it into action. Should you need help putting together and implementing an evacuation system in order to be prepared for a blackout, we have just the place for you to contact to help your building get one in place.

GloBrite Systems has the expertise and knowledge regarding how buildings need to conform themselves in such a way as to have a faultless evacuation system in place for blackouts. A GloBrite representative can help you determine the best way to incorporate an evacuation system, even in structures that have already been built without evacuation procedures put into the building plans. This way, should you building be unfortunate enough to have to deal with a blackout, at least the implemented system in your building will be able to help navigate occupants toward safety in a neat and timely manner. All of this can be done with the help of a professional from GloBrite Systems.

Blackouts should be treated seriously, and your building should have an evacuation system in place in the event a blackout occurs. If it does not, a GloBrite expert can help you remedy that problem.

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