What Makes up an Energy Saving Exit Sign?

Energy Efficient Exit SignsWhat is the key component of an exit sign that makes it an energy saving exit sign? It is a single indispensable functionality that separates it from all other types of exit signs – its disregard for needing to be connected to a primary energy source. Every single conventional model of exit signs are built to rely on a direct power source, such as a wall outlet, or an energy outlet such as a battery that allows the direct flow of electricity to the exit sign so that it can function as intended. Although the outlet connected exit sign has been a mainstay in buildings and large structures for far too many decades, it has been an integral component to building and area safety for quite some time. However, one should not be a supporter of its energy consumption and inefficiency, as plug in exit signs have been costing businesses and building owners a huge monetary expense that could be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending how large the structure is and how many years these types of exit signs have been in place.

The other problem with connected exit signs, other than the high cost of its utilization, is they actually pose a fire threat to the buildings and areas where they are located. Consider plug in exit signs like you would any other type of electrical component that is connected to an outlet. Though infrequent in its occurrence, a single spike or power surge in the flow of the electricity can cause the electrical device to short circuit, and even worse, blow and catch on fire. As previously stated, the chances of this happening are seldom, but it has happened, and to those whom it has occurred can account for the tragedies that resulted.

Enter energy saving exit signs, which were spawned with the development of photoluminescent technology applications. Photoluminescence provides new exit signs the ability to absorb energy from ambient light, all the while storing that energy it is absorbing, and simultaneously using that energy for its own purposes, which in the case of exit signs, is to glow in the dark an illuminate the pathway to safety. Exit signs infused with photoluminescent technology will never need to be plugged into anything – no electricity and no batteries will ever be needed for these exit signs to function as intended. In addition, once a building or location has installed photoluminescent exit signs, or has replaced its old exit signs with photoluminescent exit signs, your crazy high utility and energy costs will start to plummet. In other words, by implementing photoluminescent exit signs, you have officially put in place a money saving mechanism for the life of your building.

Most importantly though, is that photoluminescent exit signs are an eco friendly, green alternative life saving component that is not only a far superior exit sign product when compared to the specifications of other models, it is safe for your building or location, it is safe for the environment, and people are safe around it. Photoluminescent exit signs are such a dominant product that regulatory agencies are making its use and calling for it to replace older exit sign models mandatory for businesses form state to state.

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