Is OSHA’s 90 Minute Emergency Lighting Requirement Enough?

oshaEver since the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, also known as OSHA, implemented a strict minimum of a ninety minute running time requirement for emergency lights, a single question has lingered: is ninety minutes a long enough time for the requirement of having operational emergency lighting? Even though the ninety minutes is only a minimum, and the maximum can be as long as emergency lighting can operate, the concern involves companies that are responsible for creating designing and developing emergency lighting only making a product good enough to meet minimum guideline requirements. Many people feel that, especially after the 9/11 tragedy, ninety minutes is not nearly long enough for emergency lighting functionality, and imposing this low minimum guideline might tempt emergency lighting developers to cut corners to only meet minimum demands. As terrible a thought as it might be to think that emergency lighting developers would do such as thing, because of the cost to develop emergency lighting product and to acquire the necessary materials, these developers might be capable of only performing and creating the minimum required.

As rare as it is that a travesty similar to 9/11 could ever happen again, we can all recall the absolute horror on that day, and because even the slightest possibility that an event on the same level could happen again sometime in the future, emergency lighting developers should be held to a higher level. Therefore, because the 9/11 travesty lasted not just hours, but days (there have been several other tragedies that lasted much longer than ninety minutes), OSHA needs to increase the minimum emergency lighting requirement time. Fortunately, no matter what OSHA decides to do or how to react regarding this scenario, there already exists emergency lighting products that can last, glow in the dark, and remain bright for many hours, even days. The name of the technology is photoluminescence.

Photoluminescent emergency lighting products have been tried and tested, and have proven to consistently last for several days without having to recharge through its ability to absorb ambient light. The fact that OSHA knows about and lauds photoluminescent technology, it is a surprise that the minimum emergency lighting requirement is only ninety minutes. Nevertheless, if you are a building owner or the person responsible for the emergency lighting in your location or place of business, it is strongly recommended that you switch to photoluminescent egress products right away, if you have not already.

GloBrite Systems can help you equip your location with photoluminescent egress products so that your emergency lighting will last longer than OSHA standards require. No business or building should settle for inferior products due to the delegation of a substandard requirement. You should act now, and get the best emergency lighting product on the market today, through GloBrite systems.

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