Building Safety Systems Must Include Faultless Emergency Lighting Products

Safety systems are designed to guarantee the availability of necessary evacuation resources in the event of an emergency. Countless individuals take the light supplied in public facilities for granted and expect it to always be available. This visual resource, while dependable at most times, has a possibility of failure during an emergency or experience power grid issues. People are left in the dark within an unfamiliar facility as this type of event transpires. What often results from such an event is widespread panic as individuals attempt to find their way out. Those who are unfamiliar with the layout of a structure naturally require more time to locate an exit door. The additional time it takes for occupants to evacuate opens up the possibility of entrapment, injury, and expensive lawsuits. Reliable emergency lighting products are a necessary egress aid to accommodate situations where the main safety components fail.

A Dependable Alternative is Essential

Building owners are required by law to have backup measures in place to counteract absence of lighting, but what happens if these egress components fail to work as well? Individuals residing in a public facility at the time of an emergency could be left in a pitch black environment where finding a way out is impossible. Structures containing several floors increase the risk of such an occurrence as individuals will have to attempt to maneuver down numerous corridors and levels of stairs in the dark before reaching an exit point. Reliable emergency lighting products must be in place to prevent widespread panic and ensure a fast exit during a crisis.

The World Trade Center bombing of 1993 is a good example of this type of situation since an alternative aid would have prevented individuals from becoming trapped within the building for hours. As the events transpired, the detonated bomb cut off the main power source. This prevented the emergency system from kicking on and thick smoke entering the stairwells caused the structure to become too dark to find a way out. Individuals became trapped in the building for many hours and were injured due to smoke inhalation. Photoluminescent signing would have provided enough visibility for people to maneuver down smoke filled or dark stairs to the nearest exit point.

Photoluminescent Signing Is an Ideal Choice

It has been traditional to install electrical based lighting with backup generators or battery powered alternatives in corridors and stairwells to aid in egress safety; however, these items have failed during extreme emergency conditions. Structures containing multiple floors must have reliable emergency lighting products in place as part of their egress system. It takes only seconds for backup sources to fail and cause widespread panic. Individuals who are unfamiliar with a building will not be capable of finding their way out without a visual aid. Photoluminescent identifiers generate a green glow that is visible for hours and can be placed along an egress path to provide a dependable aid regardless of building conditions. Don’t leave your customers or residents in an environment where there is no escape! Photoluminescent signing supplies a cost effective, safe aid for improved visibility and faster evacuation as an emergency takes place.

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