Zero Energy Lighting: Zero Energy Exit Signs Among Other Options

In the age of energy efficiency, companies are pursing zero energy options in several capacities. From energy-free lighting to energy-free gas, the pursuit of what amounts to free utilities has an obvious appeal in a questionable economy: the opportunity to increase profits without relying on the market. In addition to environmental concern, this is the motivator behind energy efficiency projects.

Energy efficiency versus zero energy

Most companies don’t have the option of going energy-free, and instead focus on energy efficiency, particularly in the form of lighting and HVAC retrofits. But, as the following three options demonstrate, there are ways for companies to go energy-free—at least in some capacities—when they have the budget and the initiative to do so.

Electricity-free Exit Signs

Companies that have a large number of electric exit signs can reduce their electric bill by replacing them with photoluminescent signs. In addition to being electricity-free, self-luminous exit signs are also maintenance-free, another cost saver.

As an example of how much a company can save by replacing electrical signage with luminescent signage, research shows that replacing 100 incandescent signs with photoluminescent signs can save a company over $3,500 a year in energy costs alone.

Solar Panels

For small to midsize companies, zero energy lighting via solar panels is a distinct reality, albeit an expensive one. Though more affordable than in the past, solar panels—especially enough of them to power a building—can require a significant investment. For companies with a limited utility budget, this can make them out of the question.

Electrical Generators Powered by Organic Waste

Similar to solar panels, powering an electrical generator with organic waste material requires an investment that could pay dividends. However, the obvious downsides to the arrangement are: (a) many companies would require numerous generators, (b) finding room for one or more generators could pose a problem, and (c) transporting enough organic waste to power one or more generators could pose a problem.

The reality of going energy-free

With today’s technology, the opportunity to be energy efficient has increased. But the opportunity to be energy-free—especially for companies—is something that exits in certain capacities, one of which is exit signage. Often a measure in commercial energy efficiency projects, implementing luminescent exit signage is an affordable, convenient way to accomplish energy-free lighting. It is also a way to improve evacuation safety, an area where electrical exit signs are woefully inadequate.

GloBrite has the luminescent exit signs you need

If your company needs to reduce its energy use, luminescent exit signs are a zero energy lighting option that can reduce its electricity use, and therefore, its annual electric bill. We offer this option in the form of exit signs that contain our patented Glo Brite technology, which delivers superior visibility at 100 feet and a burn time of up to 96 hours in total darkness. To learn more about how luminescent exit signs can improve the energy efficiency, fire safety, and evacuation safety of your unique building, call us today.

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