Workplace Safety Signs: Enhancing Building Egress Route Recognition

Workplace environments are heavily regulated in regards to safe operating procedures. Safety precautions include warnings, markings, and set processes for all employees. Signs have become so common, they are often overlooked by both staff members and building visitors. Workplace safety signs are important because they inform individuals of hazards, safe practices, and assist individuals in safely exiting of the building. Crisis situations cause people to panic or not think as clearly. People have a high risk of being hurt if these identification items are not available. They are far more than a building requirement because they prevent injury under critical circumstances.

Self Luminous Safety Signs Ensuring Every Individual Can Find Their Way Out

Self luminous safety signs are effective enough to save lives under extreme emergency conditions. As an example, your building handles hazardous materials which can explode or cause fires when not dealt with appropriately. Workers have to know the right way to use these items as well as clean up spills or other occurrences. Dangerous situations can still occur even when all safety precautions are taken. Anyone occupying the building at the time must know what to do when this happens. This includes being able to identify exit points, protective gear, and fire control equipment. If these items cannot be located, an individual can get lost, injured, or inhale toxic fumes. Building occupants may have trouble seeing the identifying signs due to decreased visibility. Signing is required to prevent these end results, but should be taken more seriously than by just supplying the bare minimum.

Signage may be lighted by incandescent bulbs or LED lights. These prevention items do not serve their purpose in every emergency. Lighted warnings must have electricity supplied from a main power source or a generator. Both can fail and have done so in many emergency situations. Occupants may be left in complete darkness with no way to know where they are going. They can become trapped within the building, get injured, or end up hurting others. Fires in the workplace can lead to thick smoke which rises toward the ceiling. This smoke reduces the visibility of signs and makes it essential for occupants to find their way out quickly. Inhaling high amounts of smoke can lead to fainting or disorientation which causes people to get stuck within the buildings. It is for these reasons that workplace safety signs are included as part of the International Fire Codes.

Self luminous safety signs create a safer environment for all individuals occupying an office, manufacturing facility, or other type of workplace. Power is not a requirement; therefore, lack of it is not an issue. Forgotten maintenance is not a visibility complication because these identifiers do not need upkeep. They are designed to survive explosions or other extreme circumstances. Photoluminescent materials are visible no matter what the situation. They are easier to view in even the darkest building. They save money in both electricity and upkeep expenses. GloBrite provides a variety of these items which have been designed to be environmentally friendly, effective, and cost efficient for your buildings.

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