What is the Significance of the Fire Emergency Exit Signs

Fire emergency exit signs play a crucial role during a critical situation such as a fire or an earthquake. They are a must for letting people know what they should do in case of any crisis.  An emergency exit is a special way out for such special circumstances. The combined use of regular and special outlets allows for faster evacuation, while it also provides an alternative if the route to the regular doorway is blocked by any reason.

It is usually a strategically located (e.g. in a stairwell, hallway, or other likely place) outward opening door with relevant symbols and markings leading to it.

The number of fire exits required for a building of a given size is usually dictated or directed by the local building codes. Knowing where the emergency exits are in buildings can save your life. Some buildings, such as schools and offices have fire drills to practice safe evacuation. Many disasters could have been prevented if the people had known where the safety escapes were, and if the safety outlets had not been blocked. For example, in the Sep 11, 2001 on the World Trade Center attack, some of the safety outlets inside the building were inaccessible, while others were locked.

It is important that these egress signs are well designed to be effective. All egress components such as markings, notices and posters provide information to guide and thereby keep employees safe during evacuation or other critical situations. The people in the building need to know where to go in case of any crisis. These markings are a direct visual guide and help the people find egress outlets safely. In an emergency situation, the easiest way to get you and your workers to safety is to simply follow the markings that are placed throughout the building or office.

Fire safety signs are often made of photo luminescent material. They can therefore be read even in the dark, when they give off the light which they absorb during the day. Multiple sign types are available and are equally compliant with the law. Fire exits must be indicated by clearly visible arrows pointing towards them along with the correct text. Some of the egress markings are in pictogram form, with or without text supplement. To indicate that an outlet is purely intended for emergencies, a special egress label should be used rather than combining two types of signs which will confuse people. Even people who are confused and possibly panicked must be able to read these labels, after all.

Signs must be large enough that they can be seen and read with ease. Having photo luminescent components is definitely advantageous, as they are easier to spot than the ones that are non-photoluminescent. Egress markings in public buildings show the way out, and are mandated by the existing fire regulations to tell people where they must go to get out of their workplaces in the event of an emergency. They also have to be prominently placed, without having to compete for attention with other markings. Having the correct ones in place can save lives!

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