What are the emergency exit sign requirements?

Photoluminescent material has many applications. In fire safety, especially in black-out situations, it is important to have safety markings such as exit signs, directional signage, door markings, path markings, obstruction identification and other components that compose a safety way guidance system.

When you have a place of business, you need to make sure that every egress door is clearly marked so that it can be easily found in case of any unexpected circumstances. In case it is impossible to obtain a direct line of sight to the doorway, or there is a doubt regarding its direction, the words “Exit” or “Emergency Exit” must be accompanied by directional chevrons. The idea is to guide someone who is not familiar with the layout of the building premises. All these signs must be illuminated at all times so that they are legible.

Photoluminescent components do not require electricity, are non-toxic, non-radioactive, and are very easy to install. They charge their glow-in-the-dark pigment using the ambient light of the area they are installed in. Then they discharge this light by glowing when placed in dark conditions. Photoluminescent egress signs come with several arrow configurations and they glow for at least 90 minutes in dark conditions.

Emergency exit sign requirements as specified by OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) are:

Each egress door must be marked with the words “EXIT” clearly printed on it. They should be designed with color, size and contrast in such a way that they are easily visible in case of an urgent situation. It should also be ensured that nothing is hung in front to block them. Access to doors or ways out must be marked by visible signs where the way to reach it is not immediately visible to the occupants.

Any door or stairway that is likely to be mistaken for an outlet must be clearly marked as such. It shall be identified by a label reading “Not an Exit” or a label indicating the destination, for example “To Break Room”, “Electrical Room”, “Machine Room”. This prevents people from trying to leave the building through that door and becoming trapped.

All such areas need to be lighted so that it is easily seen in an emergency. You don’t want people to be searching for a way out when one is needed.

An egress sign, or similar designation, with an arrow indicating the directions, shall be placed in every location where the direction of travel to reach the nearest doorway is not immediately apparent. Letters on Exit Signs must be legible and not less than six inches high, with principal strokes of letters not less than three-fourths of an inch wide. The paint or finish needs to be maintained to make sure it stays fire resistant. They must be lit at about five foot-candles or 54 lux, according to the OSHA website.

It is worth mentioning that GloBrite takes special care to ensure that it meets all the requirements as specified by OSHA while manufacturing the photoluminescent, resource-efficient safety signage including emergency exit signs.

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