Self Powered Exit Signs: Why are they Better than Electrical Signs?

Today, energy efficiency is a mandatory aspect of financial and environmental awareness for responsible companies—a fact that leads many companies to pursue self sustaining power solutions. On a commercial level, these solutions include solar powered technologies, optimal use of natural lighting, and non-electrical building equipment. Among the latter type of solutions, luminescent exit signage is one of the most preferred building implements. Below, we list the advantages of using luminescent signs instead of electrical ones.

Improved environmental stance

Electrical exit signs (incandescent, compact fluorescent, and LED signage) encourage carbon emission by requiring constant utility power. Conversely, self powered exit signs are electricity-free, and do not promote carbon emission.

Tritium and photoluminescent signage are the most popular types of self powered exit signage on the market. However, due to its containment of radioactive tritium, tritium signage is not eco friendly.

Anticipates environmental legislation

In the future, legislation that bans incandescent lighting in commercial and large residential buildings is expected. Implementing photoluminescent exit signs anticipates this legislation, and would make it easier for buildings to comply with new regulations. At GloBrite, our photoluminescent exit signage has an average lifespan of 25+ years.

Lower annual utility cost

Implementing luminescent exit signs can have a significant impact on annual utility cost. Research shows that replacing 100 incandescent signs with photoluminescent signs can save over $3,500 a year in energy costs alone. Depending on the number of signs replaced, replacing compact fluorescent and LED signage can also yield significant savings.

Lower annual maintenance cost

Photoluminescent signage is maintenance-free, but electrical signage requires bulb and battery replacement. The 10-year maintenance cost for an incandescent sign is roughly $1,000. The 10-year maintenance cost for a compact fluorescent sign is roughly $570. The 10-year maintenance cost for an LED sign is roughly $180.

Over a 10-year period, photoluminescent signage can offer significant cost savings through reduced maintenance expense.

Improved exit sign dependability

Electrical exit signs work fine under normal conditions. But their breakable parts make them vulnerable to falling debris, explosions, and structural shock. During an emergency evacuation, even one failed exit sign could lead to injury or death. Photoluminescent signs do not have breakable parts, making them the optimal choice for evacuation safety.

Easy to mount and remount

Because they require no wiring, Photoluminescent exit signs can be mounted and remounted with ease. Over time, many companies perform construction that changes the layout of egress paths. In the wake of such construction, removing and remounting photoluminescent signage is painless.

GloBrite has the exit signs you need

Self powered exit signs are excellent way to reduce utility cost while improving egress safety. At Jessup Manufacturing, our exit signs are powered by our patented Glo Brite technology, which delivers superior visibility at 100 feet and up to 96 hours of burn time in total darkness. If you need photoluminescent exit signs, or other types of self luminous egress lighting, browse through our selection of exit signs, safety signs, and egress markings, or call us to learn more.

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