Self Luminous Exit Signs: Are Your Current Visual Egress Reinforcements Cost Effective?

Self luminous materials provide increased visibility during situations where individuals must evacuate your building in a quick manner. Exit identifiers have been part of structural codes for centuries, but are beginning to include photoluminescent signs and markings for safer egress procedures. Signs help those currently occupying your structure with identifying stairwells, fire equipment, doors, and landing areas. Incandescent lighted signs were common until post emergency inspections identified their likelihood of failure when needed the most.

One large problem exists when this type of signing resides throughout a structure. Electricity is not dependable because a fire can melt wiring, and outside weather conditions may cut off the main power supply. Backup generators have served as a solution to these situations, but prove to be just as unreliable. They may fail to start or be unable to provide the necessary load even when serviced appropriately.

Self luminous exit signs are dependable since it does not rely on electricity to be seen during an evacuation. Visibility does not become hindered in thick smoke as with incandescent lighting. When these signs are supported by luminous markings, they provide the guidance needed for everyone to calmly exit a building. You actually save on both energy and maintenance expenses by installing these products.

Self Luminous Safety Signs Supply Extended Cost Savings

Code guidelines recommend the installation of self luminous safety signs to provide consistent visibility throughout a building. When they are installed on the lower portion of walls and doors, occupants can easily find an evacuation point regardless of smoke or other conditions. Replacement costs can be discouraging, but you have to look at the big picture. Incandescent signs continually use electricity, causing you to spend thousands of dollars in energy costs to remain compliant. They also require extensive installation and maintenance practices that might entail the cost of a professional. Possible electrical failures as well as thick smoke decrease the effectiveness of these signs. Most are installed above the door, making them less visible as smoke rises. If both power sources fail, your occupants are left without a way to maneuver quickly out of the building. Photoluminescent safety products remove these complications from the picture by providing visibility, regardless of the surrounding environment. The expense of installing and maintaining self luminous safety signs is actually nominal compared to your alternative options.

These factors make it easy to see why local building authorities are pushing photoluminescent identifiers over previously recommended tactics. Building owners are taking their advice to ensure evacuation procedures are supported effectively. They reduce usage costs as well as risk of injury within your building. Injuries lead to costly lawsuits that can be avoided by having these identifiers present in extreme emergencies. Self luminous exit signs are an affordable option regardless of your buildings size. GloBrite offers these and many other photoluminescent products to help owners provide a safer environment for their occupants. Our professionals can answer any questions you may have about photoluminescent materials. Visit our website or call today to determine which products will increase evacuation safety within your building.

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