Self Luminous Egress Markings Direct Your Occupants to a Safe Location

Self luminous evacuation products are widely recommended for providing reliable exit identification throughout residential, industrial, or commercial buildings. Owners must reinforce their egress plan with visual elements to be compliant with set codes. Markings outline landing areas, hand rails, obstacles, and door locations in an occupied structure. The extreme circumstances of an emergency greatly affect how your occupants react during time of egress. Factors such as building familiarity, what is currently being working on, received training, and individual characteristics contribute to how individuals react in these scenarios.

While you cannot be prepared for every occurring behavior or event during a critical situation, you can install the most reliable safety items throughout your building. Self luminous egress markings offer consistently viewable outlines in important structure exit areas such as stairwells. The glow is viewable for hours and can be seen in the presence of thick smoke or other egress diminishing conditions.

Egress Marking Systems Visually Support Planned Evacuation Routes

You can install egress marking systems with photoluminescent characteristics at an affordable cost. Multiple changes have occurred in building codes to accommodate the varying behaviors of those exiting a building. Studies have shown that individuals tend to walk through smoke, use multiple exit locations, and become disoriented during the evacuation. Previous identification setups would entail installing signing closer to the ceiling, in addition to relying on an electrical supply. Situations with heavy smoke prevent the upper area of a room or corridor from being viewable, causing the signing to be ineffective. Loss of power during emergency situations leaves alarm systems, backup lighting, and signs inoperable. A backup generator can be installed, but is still at risk for operational failure. Codes now recommend using photoluminescent products over any other type of signing and marking products. Photoluminescent egress marking systems require no power, are low maintenance, and have a long life. They provide significant cost savings over more traditional types of code compliant egress safety items.

Occupants will be slow to respond as they attempt to decipher the events going on around them. While panicking is possible due to certain environmental circumstances, most individuals are simply slow to move when an effective egress plan has been thoroughly practiced. Investigative behavior where individuals attempt to pinpoint the cause of the problem or use the phone to find out what is going on can be expected. These behaviors must be minimized as much as possible because emergency conditions compile quickly, thus reducing the likelihood of everyone getting out of your building safely.

Your occupants need a well-practiced evacuation plan, reliable identifiers, and additional information such as posted floor plans to safely exit. Not everyone will be familiar with your building, meaning they need visual items to find the nearest exit point. Self luminous egress markings prevent accidents in stairwells and other hard to maneuver areas. They can be seen in heavy smoke as well as situations where backups systems fail to operate. GloBrite offers affordable luminous products for enforcing your current exit strategy. Call us today to find out how we can help you provide a safer environment for all who enter your building.

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