Photoluminescent Building Exit Signs: What Are Their Advantages?

The type of exit signage that a building contains can impact more than its egress safety. It can also impact its operating cost and its environmental friendliness. Today, exit signage comes in five basic types: incandescent, compact fluorescent, LED, tritium, and photoluminescent. Of these types of signs, photoluminescent signs offer the most important benefits, making them the ideal choice for conscientious building owners.

Low Operating Cost

Incandescent, compact fluorescent, and LED signs require electricity and batteries; characteristics that make them more expensive to operate and maintain than electricity-free, maintenance-free photoluminescent signs. Over a ten-year period, incandescent, compact fluorescent, and LED models cost $1,465, $894, and $370 to operate per sign, respectively. In comparison, a photoluminescent model costs roughly $100 – the cost of labor and installation – to operate over a ten-year period.

No Disposal Fee

Photoluminescent signage is frequently compared to tritium signage, which is also electricity-free and maintenance-free. However, due to the radioactive capsules that power it, tritium signage has a disposal fee of $75 per sign. If your building needs only a few signs, this fee could be negligible. But if it needs multiple signs, paying $75 per sign could be expensive.

Environmental Friendliness

Photoluminescent building exit signs are the most eco friendly exit signs on the market. Because electrical signage uses electricity continuously, they continuously contribute to carbon pollution. And the radioactive capsules that power tritium signage are not safe for traditional waste disposal. In addition to requiring no electricity, photoluminescent signage by Globrite is 100% non-toxic, and can be placed in a recycling bin when its long lifespan expires.

Supreme Reliability

Electrical signage contains backup batteries that could fail and light bulbs that could break. And the capsules that power tritium signage could break as well. Conversely, photoluminescent signage contains no parts that could fail or break. This makes it the best signage for evacuations that are precipitated by explosions, falling debris, or structural shock. Other exit signage can malfunction under duress, but photoluminescent signage can remain remarkably unaffected.

Does Your Building Needs New Exit Signs?

If so, implementing photoluminescent signage is the best option in terms of cost effectiveness, environmental impact, and evacuation safety. When combined with photoluminescent egress markings and fire safety signs, photoluminescent exit markers comprise the safest, most reliable emergency egress system a building can have.

At Globrite, we make photoluminescent building exit signs, egress markings, and fire safety signs that offer superior visibility and burn for up to 96 hours in total darkness. Over the course of a decade, we perfected our patented Globrite technology that now sets the standard for photoluminescent egress products. Although luminescent egress products cannot stop emergencies from happening, they can help evacuees reach safety in an efficient manner when they occur.

If your building needs new exit markers, now is the time to start saving money, increase evacuation safety, and do something positive for the environment by implementing photoluminescent building exit signs. To get your signs, browse through our product pages, or call us today.

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