Non Electrical Exit Signs: Why Have Them in Your Building?

Energy efficiency allows companies to slash utility expenses while supporting the environment. To help accomplish these goals, some companies replace electrical equipment with non electrical equipment. For example, implementing electricity-free exit signage can reduce electricity expense, and discourage carbon emission. If your company uses electric exit signs, replacing them with non electrical exit signs could have several benefits, six of which are listed below:

Reduced utility expense

Depending (a) what type of electrical signage is replaced, and (b) how many signs are replaced, replacing electrical exit signs with luminescent signs could lower your electric bill by thousands of dollars annually. Research shows that replacing 100 incandescent exit signs with photoluminescent signs saves roughly $3,700 a year in energy costs alone.

Reduced maintenance expense

Electrical exit signs are costly to maintain. In addition to requiring regular testing, they also require bulb replacement, battery replacement, and occasional rewiring. An incandescent sign has a 10-year maintenance cost of roughly $1,000, while a photoluminescent sign has no maintenance cost. Depending on the number of signs your building has, implementing maintenance-free luminescent signs could yield significant cost savings over the next decade.

No need to address exit signage for decades

An incandescent sign requires bulb replacement every 7,500-10,000 hours, while a photoluminescent sign lasts for 25+ years without requiring maintenance. Photoluminescent signs are the longest lasting non electrical exit signs on the market, exceeding the average lifespan of a tritium sign by five years.

Improved fire safety

Due to their photoluminescence—a form of illumination that is less inhibited by smoke particles than incandescent illumination—photoluminescent exit signs offer excellent visibility in the presence of smoke. At GloBrite, we offer luminescent signage that delivers superior visibility at 100 feet, even when smoke is present.

Improved evacuation safety

Due to their breakable parts, electrical exit signs can be rendered ineffective by explosions and falling debris. Although falling debris and explosions seldom precipitate evacuations, proper evacuation planning accounts for all contingencies. This makes photoluminescent signage, which contains no breakable parts, the optimal choice for evacuation safety.

Positive impact on the environment

Electrical exit signage encourages carbon emission, and electricity-free tritium signage contains radioactive material that could end up in a landfill. Luminescent signage, on the other hand, is non-toxic and 100% recyclable. Often referred to as “eco friendly” exit signage, it is the only signage for companies that are committed to going green.

GloBrite has the photoluminescent signage you need

At GloBrite, we concentrate on producing the best self luminous egress lighting on the market, including exit signage, building safety signage, and egress markings. Powered by our patented Glo Brite technology, our luminescent egress products offer superior visibility at 100 feet, and a burn time of up to 96 hours in total darkness.

If your building contains electrical exit signage, replacing it with photoluminescent signage will offer the above benefits, impacting utility and maintenance expenses, fire safety, evacuation safety, and the environment. Call us today to learn more about how photoluminescent signage can benefit your particular building.

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