Lighted Exit Signs: Are There Better Alternatives for Your Buildings?

Safety signs are a code requirement for work environments, residential buildings, schools, and various types of commercial locations. They may be purchased in the form of luminous or lighted designs. Luminous exit signs do not require power, are completely recyclable, and are easily maintainable. Lighted exit signs are an older technology which has become a common standard in buildings. They are typically chosen because of familiarity rather than by effectiveness. Newer designs have made these necessities more environmentally friendly, visible under even the worst circumstances, and basically maintenance free. It is easy to switch from incandescent to luminous signing. You can ensure better safety as well as cut common costs by performing this one little change within any building.

Self Luminous Safety Signs: Reducing Compliance Costs

Builders are familiar with incandescent signs as well as benefit more financially for installing them within any building. It is only natural for them to recommend this method. If you are considering replacing exit signage or are deeply involved with the construction of a new building, there is flexibility in which type is chosen. Self luminous safety signs do not require as much installation or maintenance. They do not run on power, do not require repairs, and last for a very long time. Installation is accomplished by a simple wall, ceiling or conduit type mounting. You can select from a wide variety of colors, lettering sizes, and visibility distances. These indicators can be combined with luminous demarcation lines as well as other safety markings to provide a highly visible egress path for all occupants.

Lighted exit signs are a little more detailed in both setup and maintenance. First, they require consistent power to function. Power can be supplied from a main source or a backup generator. Not only do you have to maintain the actual signs to ensure proper operation during an emergency, but you must also have someone install, maintain, and test the generator. Running wiring to each sign is an expense which can be avoided with photoluminescent materials. Other items such as the bulbs or batteries have to be changed out regularly. Power runs to these safety indicators at all times as well. All these costs add up over a time period of a year or more.

Self luminous safety signs do not entail any of these costs. In fact, electrical power is never a concern when these egress tools are in place. Every sign is non-toxic, easily visible, and completely recyclable. Your business can make a change which is better for the environment and your building overhead. Initial cost is a large reason why less efficient long term choices are made for preparing a building to meet safety regulations. While indicators consisting of luminous materials are more expensive, they entail less long term costs. Purchasing is the only cost incurred to your business. Electricity savings alone can be in the thousands when lighted products are replaced. If the cost fits your initial budget, these items are a highly efficient choice. GloBrite offers many types of signs to fit the individual needs of your building and can help you with the transition to a lower cost, greener solution.

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