Are LED Exit Lights or Exit Signs the Best Choice for Your Building?

LED Exit Signs sound like a good idea at first, but…

If you’re in market for new exit signs, there are probably two things on your mind: choosing the most cost effective exit sign, and choosing the exit sign that offers the most safety in the event of emergency evacuations. In the name of cost effectiveness, building owners often choose LED exit lights—the most cost effective electrical exit signs on the market. In terms of safety, however, LED exit lights suffer the same drawback as incandescent signs and compact fluorescent signs: their technology could easily malfunction in the presence of falling debris.

So, what’s a building owner to do? If you’re dedicated to buying electrical signs, there isn’t much you can do. But if you’re willing to buy luminescent exit signs for buildings (i.e. photoluminescent exit signs or Tritium signs), your problem could be solved. Unlike electrical signs, luminescent signs use no electricity and require no maintenance, making them the optimal choice for building owners that need to save money while improving egress safety. But, if you’re at the point of deciding between photoluminescent and Tritium signs, rest assured: photoluminescent signs are the better choice.

Although the radioactive capsules that power Tritium signs are housed in shockproof casing, there have been instances where the capsules broke, necessitating the help of a radioactive clean up crew. In addition, each tritium sign brings a special $75 disposal fee unless the sign is returned to the manufacturer under the agreement to purchase another Tritium sign.

Photoluminescent Exit Signs are the BEST Choice

Photoluminescent signs, on the other hand, result in absolutely no cost beyond their price of purchase and installation, and are powered by photoluminescence, an environmentally friendly process where an object absorbs photons from its surroundings and re-emits them, creating a bright glowing effect.

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