Leading the Way to Safety: Emergency Egress Lighting

Modern buildings have become more difficult to exit than those of the past. No longer are most buildings ground-level and one or two stories as they once were. Now, multi-story buildings are overly commonplace, which allows for builders and developers to create larger buildings, but also creating tricky exiting strategies. In cases like these, fire safety signs and emergency egress lighting solutions are the key to getting people to safety quickly.

When are Safety Products Important?

As a business or large residential property owner, safety should be a top priority. There are many situations in which you might need to have several items ready and installed so that fatalities and injuries can be prevented. In the case of fire safety signs are especially useful in case of a fire. These signs generally guide individuals to the outdoors where they can stay far away from the flames and smoke that this type of emergency produces. These signs are generally red and white, which is industry standard, and they glow in the dark to be illuminated and visible through all of the smoke and debris. There is also emergency egress lighting and signage, used to cover both weather related emergencies and power outages, where visibility becomes impaired.

Types of Signage

There are many different types of signage involved with fire safety signs and emergency egress lighting.  First and foremost, the most popular type of directional sign is the simple illuminated exit sign. This sign often serves as both a directional sign as well as a beacon to safety. Fire safety signs also include informational signs, such as plaques that go over fire extinguishers.  These instructional and informational signs can assist individuals in fighting fire, or delaying it long enough to save a few lives. Emergency egress lighting can also be used for many diverse reasons—one of the most popular forms being tape. This tape glows in the dark and can be used to line doors, stairs, and railings so that these safety tools become easier to find in case of an emergency. This type of lighting is also used in directional signs in big areas such as a subway, so that if the power were to fail, people could easily find their way back up to the streets.

GloBrite is the Leader in Illuminated Safety Products

Fire safety signs and emergency egress lighting are crucial for any public property, whether it be a business or residential hall. These products are more often than not mandatory to bring large buildings up to code. GloBrite offers products that will keep those who use them safer and more aware of their surroundings in the case of an emergency, and their products are practical as well as economical.

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