How Can an Emergency Exit Sign Perform Without Power?

GloBriteExitOnce upon a time, before serious advances were made in the area of technology and natural power, every type of building, structure, facility, and complex relied solely on exit signs and other types of emergency safety products that needed electric power. To say this type of egress signage functionality is a gross waste of resources would be an understatement. Not only does electric emergency signage depend on a direct current of electric power, wasting a ton of electricity, it is also expensive, and it costs building and facility owners an exorbitant amount of money to use. Everyone should be very thankful for research scientists and chemical engineers, because now this planet no longer has to use electricity to run emergency exit signs, anywhere. No more ghastly utility expenses, and no more egress products that waste valuable resources. Presently, anyone or any business that needs or requires the implementation of emergency exit signs can purchase and install these kinds of products, but infused with an eco friendly, green alternative technology called photoluminescence.

Photoluminescent technology offers emergency exit signs the ability to operate efficiently without a cord, battery, or any type of outlet connected or battery operated energy source. Instead, emergency exit signs designed with photoluminescent technology simply absorb energy form the ambient, or surrounding, light sources. The energy obtained from these light sources is stored by the photoluminescent emergency exit sign products, and will use that energy to make the product glow in the dark for numerous hours. The ability to store and use energy in this manner is such a more efficient way to operate emergency egress products, materials, and components. In addition, emergency exit signs developed with photoluminescent technology have been proven safer, more durable, longer lasting, and more reliable than any other previous or current exit sign model. Moreover, less maintenance is required for photoluminescent emergency exit signs, and, once the life cycle is complete, they are much safer and easier to dispose. Federal regulatory committees and environmental watchdog agencies have come to recognized the added features and bonuses of using photolumoinescent emergency products, so much so that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), along with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), are working toward making the use of photoluminescence safety products mandatory in each state.

To learn more about photoluminescent emergency exit signs, contact a trusted source and provider of this valuable technology and egress product resource – Jessup Manufacturing. Jessup has been touting the value and need for photoluminescent technology in not just emergency exit signs, but in all safety signage, from its inception. A Jessup professional can explain how the technology works, and help you transition to emergency exit signs designed with this wonderful and advantageous technology.

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