GloBrite Eco Exit Signs: Improving the Reliability of Your Emergency Door Notification Items

GloBrite provides low maintenance and cost effective solutions for properly signing safety routes within commercial, institutional, government, and large residential buildings. Eco Exit Signs are a tool your company can install to assist occupants when they need to find their way out in the event of a fire or other type of emergency. GloBrite eco exit signs can be placed above each exit location without the need to hire electricians. These particular products do not harm the environment and are made visible through photoluminescent technology. Luminous materials are the easiest way for your business to begin going green. Replacing just ten incandescent signs in a building saves more than $35 per year. While this seems small, the savings can really add up as you make this change throughout an entire high rise or multiple buildings. These safety materials make it easy to cut expenses on your building code necessities

Self Luminous Safety Signs: Benefits over Traditional Lighted Materials

Self luminous safety signs are the better choice for multiple reasons.  Electricity is not the only cost savings you will experience. If you are constructing new buildings, they eliminate the need for additional wiring. They are maintenance free for a minimum of twenty-five years and contain no toxic materials. Replacement of bulbs and batteries is also eliminated. Since the used materials are safe, disposal will never be an issue. Luminous signs are friendly to the environment, cost effective, and a great choice for any sized building.

Self luminous safety signs are also more reliable in emergency situations. Fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, or any other type of critical condition can drastically affect visibility. In the case of fires, smoke rises into the upper portion of the building. It can be very dense causing electrical signing to have low visibility even when working properly. Any disaster may cause some type of power failure. Whether it is the whole building or part of it, many occupants will not be capable of finding their way to a safer area. Incandescent signs are susceptible to becoming unsafe. Signs consisting of luminous materials do not have these restrictions, making them visible under any type of emergency circumstance. They make an excellent resource when combined with other luminous safety materials throughout the premises.

Your business can meet all door signing needs with GloBrite Eco Exit Signs. They may be ordered for both inside and outside use. The PM100 products meet LEED qualifications, can be relocated, supply consistent illumination, and are visible at one hundred feet. They are designed to be highly visible as well as explosion proof. These particular products can be utilized in outside and wet environments. High level or low level application is possible as well. The PF 50, S 50, and P 50 designs have many of the same benefits but can only be visible at fifty feet or closer. Some designs are better suited for floor proximity installation. Background coloring, letter coloring, and letter size depend upon the product selected. GloBrite can help you meet all safety signing code regulations while reducing the long term costs associated with these requirements.

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