Indicate the Safest Egress Route with Correctly Placed Emergency Exit Symbols

Application of luminous stripes to areas such as exit doors, landing areas, steps, handrails, and obstacles are not the only requirement laid out by IBC and IFC policies. Another very important piece of a well designed egress system in a building is emergency exit identification. Signs that identify floor levels, fire safety information, and exit enclosures are also all vital components that make up the most effective building safety program. All serve as informational guides that assist occupants in navigating to the nearest emergency exit within a building. IBC and IFC compliant components include items such as demarcation lines, fire safety signing, floor identification signs, and emergency exit symbols. These components provide the most effective visibility information for evacuation safety.

An exit symbol is used in a lower location to identify exit enclosures. Sign design may consist of either a left facing or right facing man that is depicted as running. The symbol itself can four inches or taller and must be centered in a horizontal manner on the door. If the symbol’s top is more than eighteen inches above the floor, the signing is not in compliance with IBC and IFC regulations. These signs and other identification tools should not be something taken lightly. Most building owners operate under the assumption that occupants will remember the exits when an emergency takes place. However this does not always occur. Occupants begin to panic, cannot think, and forget most of what they learned from practicing the egress plan. Their state of mind prevents them from being able to make quick decisions. Luminous signing makes these exits visible even when lights are out or smoke reduces visibility.

IFC Compliant Components: Recommendations for Exit Symbols

IBC and IFC compliant components have specific guidelines for their placement. If they are not followed, these items will not be in compliance even when they are present in the building. Follow up on these policies to ensure that all placed safety components are effective and within state regulations for IBC and IFC codes. Emergency exit symbols will help occupants find the exit points of a building even when they are not thinking clearly. This reduces the time it takes for them to reach safety and the risk of injury during the process. An easily identifiable exit symbol is not high in cost. Without the proper signing in a building, people can and will get hurt. These injuries are considered to be the fault of the building owner. Every building should follow these policies to prevent these situations and avoid the high costs that may accompany them.

When placing these symbols and items around the necessary areas of the building, be sure to make them consistent at each enclosure. Luminous signing and striping should be placed uniformly around the exit enclosure to prevent occupant confusion. Occupants will have a harder time identifying exits if this is not done. IBC and IFC codes require consistency for a building to be compliant. They also require that all signs and markings be luminous to ensure safe exit through any emergency situation. You can better protect occupants by using these components as stated by these policies.

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