Emergency Exit Sign Requirements for Buildings

Due to the increase in frequency of events that lead to devastating circumstances, such as terrorist or extremist plots and unpredictable weather swings, more of an onus has been placed on the requirements for emergency exit signs, especially in buildings. Because of the newfound sense of urgency to make sure all buildings, especially large commercial and corporate buildings comply with emergency exit sign requirements; government regulatory bodies pressure businesses and building owners to follow code. Though to many it may seem as overly strict or overwhelmingly filled with far too much oversight, federal regulatory agencies issue specific guidelines to ensure the safety of building occupants. As it pertains to emergency exit signs, the following requirements and regulations have been put forth for buildings because these requirements have been voted on as absolutely necessary for buildings to provide optimum safety.


  • Lighting and marking of emergency exit signs must be adequate at all times and appropriate for the location. Each exit route must be adequately lit so that a person who has normal vision can see the exit route without issue. Also, each emergency exit sign must be clearly visible and marked by a sign that says “EXIT.”


  • All doors marked as an exit must be free of decorations or random paraphernalia that obscures the visibility of the emergency exit sign indicating the door as an exit. If the direction needed to travel toward the emergency exit is not immediately apparent, emergency exit signs must be posted along the exit access indicating the direction of travel to the nearest exit. The line of sight to an emergency exit sign must clearly be visible and never obstructed at all times.


  • All emergency exit signs must be illuminated to a surface value that has been agreed on by regulatory oversight committees, which can be further explained by contacting GloBrite Systems. The means of illumination must emanate from a reliable light source (photoluminescent lighting) and be distinctive in color.


  • All emergency exit signs must have a design of the word “EXIT” in plainly evident and legible letters, with the size of the letters no less than six inches, and the principal stroke of the letters for the word “EXIT” be no less than three-fourths of an inch wide.


Once you dig deeper into the requirements for emergency exit signs, you will see that there are many more needs and guidelines, making it feel a tad overwhelming. As mentioned earlier in this blog, GloBrite Systems is an excellent source for learning more about emergency exit sign requirements for buildings. The professionals at GloBrite can help you implement the necessary emergency exit signs for your building, so you can rest easy knowing you have followed all the guidelines and are in accordance with all set boundaries.

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