Egress Lighting: Keeping You and Your Business Safe

For a smart business owner, there are few things more important in the day-to-day workings of his or her company than the safety of employees and customers. There are many ways to protect the people in a company, regardless of their role, including the use of fire safety signs and egress lighting. Adding these products to your emergency plan and safety precautions is a smart decision, and GloBrite can provide these products and more with tremendous value and great quality.

Why GloBrite for Your Fire Safety Signs?

Fire safety is something that every person and company should take seriously. Having the right signs to lead your employees and customers to safety, should something tragic happen, does not only save lives, but it can keep people calm and at ease, and prevent injury. GloBrite signs use a photoluminescent material to stay lit and visible even in some of the darkest or most visually impairing situations. This material not only stays bright, but it is a stronger lighting alternative than traditional fire safety signs. Even though it is much brighter than the regular bulbs in the older signs, this material can help companies save thousands of dollars each year on energy costs, making these signs environmentally friendly and economical. GloBrite systems makes sure that your property or business is kept safe with the best possible fire safety signs that will keep people safe while saving you money.

GloBrite Egress Lighting Can Provide Extra Safety for Your Property

In addition to illuminated signs that lead people to safety, GloBrite also provides other options that can better illuminate an exit path. Egress lighting is a popular and cost effective way to simply add further safety to any property. This safety product is commonly found in a tape or strip that can be adhered to any building surface. Tape is often used on surfaces that can become hard to see in dark situations, such as stairs and railings. This tape glows in the dark, so in the event of a power outage or a fire creating smoke, individuals would still be able to make their way to an exit safely. GloBrite provides many egress lighting options, including tapes and signs to keep your business as safe as possible.

GloBrite is the Leader in Illuminated Safety

Globrite products are designed to keep individuals safe in all sorts of emergency situations. Whether by the use of egress lighting such as wall signs and surface tapes, or general fire safety signs, Jessup makes the perfect products that are both practical and economical. Being able to save thousands of dollars while preventing injury, or even fatality, is ideal for any business owner. Saving money while saving lives with reliable, innovative, and quality products is what sets GloBrite apart from other safety companies, which makes them the right choice for all of your safety needs.

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