Building Fire Escape Signs: Why Should You Ensure Safety Code Compliance?

Building designs today include many features meant to assist in keeping occupants safer. A fire escape is an emergency exit location which can be found on the outside of buildings and are easily locatable by special safety signs. Fire escapes are meant to be utilized when other exit points are unavailable during emergencies. If you have a multi-level residential or commercial building, chances are there is one or more in place. These exit points consist of many platforms connected by sets of stairs. Steel is commonly used because it is easier to prevent snow or ice buildup. A ladder at the bottom may swing down or be permanently fixed for people exiting to reach the ground. Swinging designs also serve the purpose of preventing entry during emergencies or for other undesirable activities. Doors or windows may be utilized as the exit point. Alarms are commonly used to notify someone when a door has been opened. Building fire escape signs assist individuals in finding these exit points when a fire takes place. They are a structural code requirement which saves lives in the event of an emergency.

Significance of Fire Safety Signs

Fire safety signs are a precautionary step building owners must take to reduce injury risks. It is one of many building safety components required by law. Violations of set codes can have two negative results. You may have to pay fines for not having the structure up to code or suffer through drawn out lawsuits due to improperly implemented safety measures. For a structure to meet these policies, it must be built in accordance and follow all safety regulations. These are some of the ways in which your building could be subjected to fines:

  • Surpassing Maximum Occupancy Numbers
  • Not Maintaining Exit Paths
  • Insufficient Fire Safety Signs
  • Poorly Maintained Equipment
  • Inoperable Alarm Systems

Buildings are inspected regularly and failure in one of these areas can be an automatic fine. Everything must be up to code, functioning appropriately, and capable of providing safe exit during a fire. Monthly drills should be run to help every occupant become familiar with the available exits and knows what to do in an emergency. Extensive training is essential to help occupants be more aware of these items.

What types building fire escape signs are required for most structures? Typical exit signs can be a combination of either red or green coloring combined with white. Colors vary depending on the sign design. One type may have white lettering on a red or green background. Others have the opposite color scheme. Hallways, stairs, and other routes include a running man with an arrow showing the direction to go. Exit signs for doors or windows to fire escapes may just have the word “EXIT” or have other word combinations. A complete path marking system consists of exit signs, floor markings, and directional indicators which assist individuals as they make their way to a safe location. These items may lead to a ground level door, emergency exit door, or even a fire escape window. GloBrite products can function as efficient and cost effective identifiers for every one of your buildings.

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