Building Exit Lights: Are Your Occupants Protected When These Emergency Items Fail?

A building used for residential or commercial purposes is required by law to have safety evacuation measures in place. Each exit must be marked with the appropriate signing to show individuals where they can go to reach safety. Among the many requirements set by the International Code Council or ICC is the placement of lights at these exit locations and throughout critical egress pathways. Building exit lights help people see how to find and use the nearest way out of your facility. Regulations for these items are designed to ensure every structure is safe for the public.

As an emergency occurs, many things can happen to cause confusion among people occupying a structure. Lights are designed to operate on battery or through a backup power source. Both incandescent signs and lighting are supposed to work on a generator when main power fails. Unfortunately, these safety mechanisms may not turn on as intended during a fire or emergency situation. In a perfect setting, everything would function correctly and occupants could exit quickly. Unfortunately, this rarely ever happens when an emergency actually takes place. There are additional measures you can take to provide a safer egress system in the event of dysfunctional system components.

Fire Safety Signs: Luminous Materials Provide Constant Visibility

As power fails, the backup generator turns on and powers the lighting as well as all signs. This allows everyone to easily locate egress paths down stairwells to exit doors. In the case of battery powered lights, they kick on without a generator. Three complications can arise in these situations: a failed generator, dead batteries, or blown bulbs. Your building may be completely dark making it hard for people to navigate to evacuation areas. In these instances, another method of visibility must be provided to everyone currently in the structure. Photoluminescent materials such as fire safety signs are one of the best alternative measures available on the market today.

As a leading manufacturer of these materials, GloBrite can easily provide everything your building needs to ensure complete safety. There are many benefits to signs and demarcation lines made from these materials. Signs do not have to rely on a power source, have reliable visibility, and are constructed from safe materials. You do not have to worry about radioactive chemicals or special disposal practices. When building exit lights fail, these identifiers can lead people safely out of the building. They have also proven to be more effective in extreme fire conditions where smoke typically blocks lighted signs from view.

Many luminous products are available to provide a complete non-power egress system within your building. Fire safety signs can be combined with other types of identifiers to ensure each path will be visible to occupants. Signage lasts for at least twenty-five years and is highly affordable due to the elimination of common costs associated with traditional safety markers. You can decrease building energy, maintenance, and parts expenses by installing these products. They exceed the legal requirements of buildings to provide a safer public environment at a cost you can appreciate.

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