What to Look for in Emergency Exit Lights?

Emergencies are difficult to prepare for and impossible to foresee. The best you can offer as a building owner is to create a simple and effective evacuation plan that ensures everyone occupying your building will be able to reach a safety point with as little incident as possible. However, there is no telling, if the unthinkable actually happens, how will your employees and visitors respond to a stressful, complicated and potentially life threatening situation. This is why there are certain key elements to look for in emergency exit signs, as well as emergency exit lights.glowing_exit_photo

  • Emergency exit signs and egress routes need to be easy to understand and simple to follow if an evacuation of your facility is required.
  • Emergency exit signs must be placed in areas that people can find and read easily when having to evacuate a facility. Emergency exit lights also need to be properly placed throughout an area for maximum visibility. Using highly visual egress signage, emergency exit lights, and glow in the dark (photoluminescent) tape will help people locate a way out during the confusion and panic around them.
  • Ensuring the evacuation route is safe while following these emergency exit signs is crucial. Identifying pathways and stairwells with emergency exit signage and glow in the dark aisle tape provides an easy to follow route toward safety.
  • Luminous egress markings, such as photoluminescent emergency exit lights, are required in almost every building so that pathways are easy to navigate, even if the power goes out.

OSHA provides an Emergency Exit Route Fact Sheet outlining how employers can ensure exit routes are properly identified. It recommends the following:

  • Providing emergency exit lighting for exit routes that are considered adequate for people with normal vision.
  • Posting signs along the emergency exit access indicating the direction of travel to the nearest exit, as well as exit discharge if that direction is not immediately apparent. In addition, the line of sight to an exit sign must be clearly visible at all times.
  • Mark doors or passages along an exit access that could be mistaken for an exit with such signs that read “Not an Exit,” or with some type of sign identifying its intended use.
  • Install “EXIT” signs in plainly legible letters.

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