Protect your Building with Stair Safety Products

stair safetyIn the event of an unfortunate circumstance leading to people needing to evacuate a building, what probably keeps building owners up at night with fret is the idea of a mass of people frantically racing down several flights of stairs, nervously trying to reach minimal safe distance. A mass of hysterical people rushing down a flight of stairs in a frenzy will never make it on a building owner’s list of “things that do not concern me.” In fact, if an unfortunate event involving the need for a building to require its occupants to evacuate were to happen, the most likely location for the most accidents to happen will be the stairwells. Although circumstances forcing people to flee a building are as rare as scenarios come, every building must be prepared as though it could happen at any time, because it can happen to you building at any time. Therefore, building owners should make the necessary investment in protecting their building with stair safety products that will work to drastically reduce, perhaps even eliminate accidents form happening on the stairs.

Stair safety products include glow in the dark emergency markers and indicators – courtesy of the latest in photoluminescent technology, emergency signs and exit markers indicating how many flights of stairs are left, what floor level you have reached, and what doors to pass through to reach the lobby area or the designated safety location, and grip tape, along with other safety tapes that help with hand grip and footing, providing enough friction and traction on the ground to reduce accidental falls. All of these stair safety products go hand in hand with maximizing the protection of your building, along with neutralizing the potential for accidents when swiftly moving through a building’s stairwell. Your next step should be locating a reputable business that provides stair safety products, as well as other emergency and egress equipment that will provide additional safety for your building location.

Why not reach out to the provider of this blog – GloBrite Systems? GloBrite representatives offer a wealth of knowledge as it pertains to protecting your building with stair safety products, as well as providing product options regarding emergency exit signs, glow in the dark signage, floor protection, along with eco friendly and green alternative material options. GloBrite, with several decades worth of experience situating building owners and businesses with only the best in emergency egress components, is your best resource for finding and implementing the highest quality stair safety products, as well as other egress equipment.

Go ahead and contact GloBrite, and you will receive excellence in egress product consultation, and you will be set with a plan to install stair safety products and emergency signage designed to protect your building. A GloBrite professional is ready to help you with all of your building protection needs.

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