The Many Business and Manufacturing Applications of Plastic Extrusions

Extrusion is a process for managing large volumes of thermoplastic materials that are used in a variety of industries for creating a desired shape in a final end product or component. A thermoplastic resin is injected or sometimes fed into a barrel where colorants and liquids are added for mixing. The screw used to generate a desirable end result is chosen based on the type of polymer. This screw consists of five zones used to accomplish:

  • Feeding
  • Melting
  • Pressurizing
  • Decompression
  • Mixing

The resin is fed through or injected into the feed throat as it nears the screw and moves toward the barrel, which is warmed to a specific temperature for gradual heating. This gradual process allows the resin to experience consistent melting as it is pushed to the other end of the barrel. Overheating must be avoided because it decreases the quality of the finished material. As the plastic resin leaves the screw, it moves through a screen pack designed to eliminate all contaminants. The resin passes through a breaker plate assembly to the die, which creates the necessary shape. Extrusion is used to form plastic sheets, films, mounting devices, and even food packaging.

A Dependable Egress Safety Component

In the industry of building safety, plastic extrusions are used as a surface fastener for applying markings along exit paths.  An extremely durable plastic strip is formed by this process and can be affixed to a surface to form a continuous egress aid. Plastic extrusions are an applicable solution in corridors, near hand rails, for outlining obstacles, or doors and provide a reliable, highly visible line of sight that is capable of withstanding more extreme conditions. Strips are a good implementation option in areas where increased flexibility is needed or any time a continuous line must be provided. These products are typically white since additional markings are placed on their surface and average one by eight inches. They offer an affordable and sturdy method for affixing egress markings to any area within or outside of a building.

Additional Uses for Plastic Extrusions

Plastic extrusions can be used to create sturdy picture frames or as part of building structure components. Businesses seeking a durable, low cost binding or mounting component have plastic extrusions as an option for their finished merchandise. Films created by this process have also been used to produce shopping bags, drinking straws, and as a coating. The use of plastic as an extrusion material has also provided a reasonably priced option for companies desiring a reliable mounting solution without the cost of aluminum alternatives. These products allow companies to increase merchandise value without drastically raising the cost incurred by business clients or general consumers. Additionally, companies choosing plastic extrusions as a mounting solution are provided with an easier implementation method that does not decrease the visual appearance of a structure or the value of the applied surface. Extrusion allows for continuous production and is a high efficiency, simple operation used for meeting a broad range of application needs. Jessup MFG offers strips created with this process for egress safety and product enhancement to companies or manufacturers desiring an easy to afford solution.

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